Open Hearts necklace Jane Seymour

Behind every open heart is a story. Tell yours with my Open Heart collection. There are millions of reasons to give one, but the message is always the same: Keep your heart open and love will always find its way in.” 

– Jane Seymour
Kay Jewelers Open Hearts

Open Hearts

There are many occasions where I slip into a dress and find my neckline bare. I simply do not have the accessories needed to style a dress properly.

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But, thanks to Kay Jewelers, I have a beautiful Blue and White Diamond Necklace from Jane Seymour’s Open Hearts Waves collection. It is stunning!

The round diamonds helped to shape the Open Hearts familiar with Jane Seymour.

The two hearts are encircled in a sterling silver circular frame and the blue diamonds are treated to permanently create the intense blue color.

The 1/10-carat pendant then hangs from a dazzling sterling silver box chain.

Open Hearts necklace Jane Seymour

As you view the necklace from all sides, you can even see the intricate details found around the edge of the circular frame.

Every piece of the necklace is wonderfully crafted and creates a fabulous display as it lies around your neck. It can not be missed and will be admired.

The diamonds sparkle in the light and create a dazzling display of elegance.

Open Hearts by Jane Seymour Kay Jewelers

The Open Hearts collection has become a universal symbol for both giving and receiving love. Recently, Jane also launched the Open Hearts Family by Jane Seymour™.

This line not only celebrates the traditional family unit, but also adds to the extended families that are created for each of us as we journey through life. 

The artistic perspective of the most recent collection celebrates the philosophy that life is like a wave-continuously building, cresting, and releasing… always allowing for learning, connection, and revival.

The journey of a true Open Heart is to welcome the waves with infinite possibilities for renewal, change, and growth.