Open Heart Waves pendant

When you slip on a piece of jewelry, do you ever wonder about the story behind it? I was recently introduced to a new jewelry collection at Kay® Jewelers called Open Hearts Waves by Jane Seymour™.  

In fact, I was asked to join the Open Hearts Influencer Program with a group of other fabulous bloggers to help tell you more about the Jane Seymour Open Heart Collection.

Jane Seymour

Jane Seymour is a multiple Emmy and Golden Globe winner, a recipient of the Officer of the British Empire (OBE) in 2000, as well as an actress, artist and philanthropist. 

Jane teamed up with Kay Jewelers in early 2008 to work with them on designing a special jewelry collection called Open Hearts by Jane Seymour®. The collection was inspired by her Open Hearts philosophy:

“if we keep our hearts open, love will always find its way in”

The Open Hearts collection has become a universal symbol for both giving and receiving love. Recently, Jane also launched the Open Hearts Family by Jane Seymour™.

This line not only celebrates the traditional family unit, but it also adds in the extended families that are created for each of us as we journey through life.

Open Heart Waves ring

Now, Jane’s newest collection, Open Hearts Waves by Jane Seymour™, expands even further upon the Open Hearts design.

The artistic perspective of the most recent collection celebrates the philosophy that life is like a wave-continuously building, cresting and releasing…always allowing for learning, connection and revival

The journey of a true Open Heart is to welcome the waves with infinite possibilities for renewal, change and growth.

Open Heart Waves necklace

The message is one I believe can span both generations and nations. Such an incredible outlook at the life we live day in and day out.

Open Hearts Foundation

Not only is Jane Seymour a mother of six, she has also tackled Broadway, motion pictures and television.

Along the way, Jane became inspired to start the Open Hearts Foundation. It stands for selfless giving even in the face of adversity, into communities worldwide.

The Foundation works to provides fund to charitable organizations in the areas of health, education, arts and sports, and honors individuals who exemplify the Open Hearts Philosophy in their service to others.