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When you grocery shop, are you looking for foods based on various dietary needs? For instance, in our home, we are turning to more gluten-free foods due to our young daughter’s thyroid disease. We have been told that a gluten-free diet can help fight the affects of it, so we are making the transition.

OnlineNutrition tool

Personalized Online Nutrition Tool

Since eating gluten free is not exactly something we are used to doing, we have been doing lots of research and reading. Trips to the grocery store take a bit longer. The new personalized online nutrition tool, My Simple Nutrition, from Tom Thumb has been a great help.

My SimpleNutrition is a free and easy-to-use tool that’s completely personalized and customizable. Developed with registered dieticians, My SimpleNutrition helps consumers easily find food alternatives that best suit their respective health interests based on the products they regularly purchase and their dietary needs (i.e., gluten-free, dairy-free, high fiber, etc.). The tool also offers a Carb Choices feature, which is great for those watching their carb intake and managing diabetes. In addition to recommending great food alternatives based on individuals’ personal nutritional needs, the My SimpleNutrition tool also offers the ability to create customized shopping lists that can be easily printed or emailed.

Basically, we are able to go online and list foods based on our health interest. In our case, gluten free. You can also choose from Heart Healthy, Carb Choices, Natural, Sugar Free, Organic, and more. But the nutrition tool even goes further by explaining more about who should eat which diet and what foods would be best. You can easily sort though the foods, add them to your shopping list, and then print (or email) it so you can use it at the store. Plus, Tom Thumb offers in-store tags to make identifying the foods easier.


The tool provides options based on your recent purchases. Apparently we like to eat plenty of yogurt, ice cream, and snacks based on our selected items. At least now we can be better informed before we shop, and have healthier alternatives on our shopping list.

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What special dietary needs must you shop for?

Have you tried My Simple Nutrition? Find out more about how to use the My Simple Nutrition personalized online tool at

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