This Week We’re Officially on Baby Watch

You know all of that anxiety and anticipation you have while counting down to having a baby?

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Well, I’m learning that it’s a bit more intense when it’s your baby having a baby. And this week, we’re officially…

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On Baby Watch

Honestly, I’m doing my best to stay cool, calm, and collected, After all, that’s what we do as parents.

But, I (1) know what it feels like to have a child (or 5) and (2) know how Chey, my daughter, handles pain. 

Therefore, having insight on both of these things,

I’m a bit apprehensive about the events we will soon be facing. I know she can do it and we’ll get through it, but my maternal side is still anxious for my daughter. 

But, I’m ready! I know that I will undoubtedly break down and lose it once I hold our sweet Baby Girl,  but for now, I’m holding it together.

handmade wooden signs for nursery

After losing my mom, having her great-grandchild coming so close to her favorite holiday, and giving her my mom’s middle name, well… the waterworks are bound to happen. 

This past Sunday, my sister and her family joined us at Chey’s house to help organize the nursery.

It was the last thing she wanted to get done in the house before the baby arrived, so we made sure it was done. 

We also decided to try a few natural methods of helping the birthing process while we worked, and lo and behold, one of them actually worked!

Chey was having contractions 5 minutes apart for almost 5 hours!

pre-labor contractions

We told her we could go to the hospital when she was ready, so we went… and the labor stalled right after we arrived. Back home we went.

At least I got my bag packed, as well as one for Joeli. We, as a family, will be there during the birthing process and want to make sure we have everything we need.

Chey has had her bag packed for weeks with basic newborn essentials: diapers, take-home clothes, wipes, nursing bra, nightgown, you know the drill. 

My bag included my toothbrush and toothpaste, medicines, my glasses/contacts, snacks, camera, phone charger, and an extra shirt (for starters).

We have no idea how long she will labor and, since I will be in the room for the delivery, I want to be prepared for anything. 

packing a big sister bag

Youngest Aunt / Big Sister Bag

For Joeli, we let her pick out a few things and then removed/added items after she finished. Although, she actually did quite well on her own.

For her “youngest aunt” (similar to a big sister) bag, she packed things such as:

Again, this could be an all-day thing and there isn’t much to do at the hospital while we wait.

Of course, Colby is bringing the girls later into the process, whereas I will ride with Chey and Nic to the hospital.

So, for now, we wait. Today she is having her membranes swept to help the labor process begin. Then, we will take her for a long walk around the mall and try some of the other methods that seemed to help on Sunday. 

If she doesn’t go into labor before Saturday, her doctor has already scheduled an induction.

Y’all! This means we’ll have a baby this weekend! She will celebrate her first Christmas with us next week!

Watch for updates on my Instagram, because as soon as my daughter gives me the “go-ahead” I’ll start flooding my feed with photos!

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