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Ok, there are 7 of us in the house. Well, usually at least 8, and 5 of us are girls. Therefore, we go through a number of rolls of toilet paper a week. No doubt. But today, as I was waiting forever on my toddler to use the potty {yes, we are in potty training mode}, I realized that there is just something about toilet paper in our house. Let me explain.

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Just Something About Toilet Paper

We consider toilet paper a luxury around here. We go through it rather quickly and it is considered a hot commodity. The girls in the house are not fans of running out of toilet paper. I have to make sure we keep it stocked because… well… we are girls and we do use it daily. As I was waiting patiently on Monkey to use the restroom, I noticed a near empty roll of toilet paper and it hit me: “What is the deal with toilet paper?”

  1. Ever since Monkey became mobile she has been able to find her way to the toilet paper. Therefore, we have not been able to put the toilet paper on the holder in over a year in our bathroom. That in itself is a fight though with the age old question: Over or Under? {BTW… I totally believe over is the way to go and my husband disagrees. That is a different post!} Now, in the girls’ bathroom and our son’s bathroom we are able to utilize the toilet paper holder since Monkey never goes in there.Thus, our poor, lonely toilet paper holder is used as nothing more than a handle for Monkey to use to step on her stool to get on the potty. Notice the purple nail polish? That would be from her little hands as she grabs hold to step up.  Toilet Paper
  2. How about trying to open a roll of toilet paper? I do not know about you, but we have used a few different brands and the end result is almost always the same. A complete and total mess. I typically have to almost completely annihilate half the roll in order to get the pieces apart and be used. Anyone else? Ok… so it may only be me but it drives me crazy! toilet paper
  3. And what does Monkey do when she gets a hold of the toilet paper roll you ask? Well, there were times when she would simply shred it into tiny pieces in the bathroom. Alas, those are the days of old really because she has learned that her time in the bathroom is not long anymore. So, in her clever and sneaky toddler way, she has decided that the funnest and quickest way to have a great time with an entire roll of  toilet paper is to simply unroll it. Yep. From beginning to end as fast as her little hands will allow. And it would seem that she most often does this just after it has been freshly ripped open {see picture above}. So not cool. toilet paper
  4. Finally, my biggest frustration is getting in the bathroom and finding either a few squares of toilet paper left on the roll or none at all. Nothing in the reserves. No one to call from outside the closed bathroom door to find some napkins or something. No other option but to drip dry. Did I mention toilet paper being a luxury? A hot commodity? Yes… I think an Ode to Toilet Paper is in order! ode to toilet paper
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