Timothy Green

Have you seen it yet? Did you purchase The Odd Life of Timothy Green on Blu-ray or DVD? I have been waiting for this one! It is one of my favorite family movies this year. When I initially watched it in New York City this past August I thought of my 9 year old’s battle with anorexia and the events that followed that. But, when I watched it again in August, my toddler had just been diagnosed with Expressive Speech Disorder and Sensory Processing Disorder… so it took on new meaning.

Timothy Green

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The Odd Life of Timothy Green

Timothy Green has a special way about him. And I loved that his parents realized that and understood it. One of the lines that stood out to me the most was when Cindy Green (Jennifer Garner) said:

 I’ve decided it, our son will not be seen as different, He will be treated like normal kid.

I am sure that is all we all want for our children. And having a special needs child I find myself saying this more and more. Although Timothy had something different about him, he never let it hold him back. He pushed on through every adversity and overcame every difficult situation. For instance, another great line and one of the best scenes:

Soccer coach: Why are you smiling?
Timothy: I can only get better!

How awesome is that? Why can’t we all have that attitude? Timothy did. His secret was not going to keep him from going to school. Swimming. Playing soccer. Or having great friends. He simply set out to live the life he had to the fullest and touched so many other lives by doing so. He was able to impact an entire community through his caring personality and strong sense of self. What an inspiring way to let children see the effect they too can have on others.

The Odd Life Of Timothy Green

My entire family enjoyed watching the movie together. Their were tears all around. Even the teens were impacted by the movie. My younger girls could not quit talking about it. We had prepared them for certain aspects of the movie and they handled it well. They were moved by it all and thought CJ Adams was quite a handsome young man. Plus, afterwards we were able to discuss how our own little one’s disabilities impact our family and those around us. How she was sent to us to teach us a new perspective on life. That she too, just like Timothy Green, is something special.

Soccer coach: That little guy of yours, he’s something special.

You can now pick up a copy of The Odd Life of Timothy Green on Blu-ray and DVD. I love the behind-the-scenes features on this one… and I was touched to see the relationship between young CJ Adams and Peter Hedges, the director.

And after you pick up the movie, why not do some fun games and activities with your family. For instance, make an easy to assemble Blessings Box made of cut paper and filled with a chocolate or other goodies for someone special. Or use printable Wish Leaves to help kids better describe the type of person that want to be. After all, during the holiday season giving thanks is an important message and Leaf Behinds help kids give the gift of “Thanks” when they want to convey gratitude of good wishes to someone who has made a difference in their lives.

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