look for the positive in people
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Have you seen Tinker Bell and Legend of the NeverBeast yet? It is currently available on Disney Movies Anywhere, Digital HD and Blu-ray™. It is a great película para la familia with a central theme that revolves around the idea of not judging others. Incredible concept, right?!

Tinker Bell and Legend of the Neverbeast

Tinker Bell and Legend of the NeverBeast

In Tinker Bell and Legend of the NeverBeast, Nix, the Scout Fairy, has to learn that she needs to listen to her corazón as much as she does with her cabeza. She quickly judges Fawn and the NeverBeast based on her own fears and inhibitions. How often do we find ourselves doing the same things?

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I know that prior to our 11 year old daughter spending a week in a children’s psychiatric ward several years ago, we were “those people.” We saw a child throwing a tantrum in a store and thought the parents were not doing something right. I watched as other niños with her in the hospital had real struggles. I talked to their parents and listened to their challenges. I knew that, with my own daughter, how distraught and frustrating it was to walk through. This one exhausting experience taught me to never judge a situation. We never know the story behind it.

look for the positive in people

Imagine how the world might be if we all did more of that. What if we all began giving people the benefit of the doubt and taking the opportunity to know them? That is exactly what Colby and I began doing after our own experience. Just as Nix learned in Tinker Bell and Legend of the NeverBeast, we learned that there is much more to a situation than what we see.

put yourself in their shoes

We have taught our children these 4 ways to not judge:

  1. Look for the positive in people and situations. Try to steer away from the negative and find a positivo aspect to focus on. There is typically at least one nice thing found in everyone and each circumstance.
  2. Never stereotype or generalize. No two gente or situations are exactly alike. Don’t base your idea of something on general statements you may believe to be true. Learn the real historia.
  3. Be mindful of your own thoughts. Think before you speak. Notice when you’re being judgmental and learn to take control of those sentimientos before they happen.
  4. Put yourself in their shoes. How would you feel? Have compasión and be kind. Try to understand their perspective and choose words that uplift rather than tear down.

After some time, Nix discovered more about Gruff’s story and came to appreciate him just as the other fairies did. She simply had to look past what she saw on the outside. Many times en la vida, we need to do the same.

Tinker Bell And The Legend Of The Neverbeast Blu-ray

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