DREAM Latte perfect for pairing with snacks

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Imagine having a strong affection for coffee but having incredible cramps after drinking a cup. If you drink your coffee with a creamer, chances are it is dairy-based. I know this because the struggle is real for me. I was told a few months ago that I may be lactose intolerant. Woah. I had to start making adjustments in my diet and was excited to be introduced to DREAM Latte™ Caramel Coffee + Almond Drink. Yum!

DREAM Latte Caramel Latte + Almond Drink

DREAM Latte™

You could not have enticed me more than with both coffee and caramel. I am such a huge fan of both and love the combined flavors. Therefore, when given the opportunity to try the new DREAM Latte™ Caramel Coffee + Almond Drink, I had to jump on it. And I am so glad I did!

DREAM Latte perfect for pairing with snacks

Let me explain why it is such a huge deal for me… and the other millions of Americans that suffer from lactose intolerance. As I mentioned, I am still learning about it all. Trial and error is all I have as far as understanding what I can and cannot digest. The intense cramps, bloating, nausea and overall feeling of discord between my stomach and I are not fun to deal with. Therefore, I must make changes. DREAM Latte™ just opened a whole new door for me in the coffee arena.

DREAM Latte dairy and gluten free

DREAM Latte™ is made from Fair Trade Coffee beans and real almonds. Since it is almond-based, rather than dairy, it is much easier on my stomach. Plus, it is also vegan friendly, gluten free, rich in calcium and vitamin D, and only 100 mg of caffeine per serving. Plus it comes in single serving size! Considering I typically enjoy a cup of coffee before bed, that last fact is also been a good change for my sleeping habits. Seriously, I can’t say that being given the diagnosis has been all that bad. Especially when it leads me to expand my food and drink selections to discover great tasting options such as DREAM Latte™.

DREAM Latte Caramel Coffee single serve

Now I can continue to relax with a cup of coffee each evening without the worry of a stomach ache.

What has your non-dairy coffee quest been like?

Give DREAM Latte™ a try and see how much better you feel. By the way, did I mention it’s available in Mocha as well?! They made sure to offer two great-tasting flavors so that we non-dairy coffee drinkers could still have incredible flavors. Plus, visit the DREAM™ Facebook page and learn about fun recipes and new products.

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of DREAM™.