Noel G: Actor, Comedian, Powerful Christian

When my dad showed me the invite he received from my cousin to come to hear Noel G and Second Chance at his church I was like, “Who?

My dad had no clue either, but I quickly figured it out when my dad told me he played in Bruce Almighty and Fast and the Furious (among others).

Him? I did not know he was (1) a comedian or (2) a Christian! Yes, I want to go!

So, SuperDad and I got the older two to babysit the younger girls while we went on a date night with my parents this past Saturday.

Noel G

Noel G

When we arrived at the church we quickly realized the difference in setting compared to what we were used to. The church was in an urban neighborhood and when the worship began it was all rap.

But, passing no judgment and noting the reason my cousin felt comfortable there, we continued to join in and could still feel God’s presence even in a different environment.

God is the same at our regular church, this more urban-style church, or any other building filled with worshipers.

After listening to the music-styling of Second Chance, actor/comedian Noel G made his way up to the stage.

He opened his show with a short comedy act before beginning to share his testimony. He spoke of how his parents made the decision to sail the world with a millionaire friend and gave him $500 to go on and live his life… Noel was only 13 years old.

He told us how he would sneak into his own empty room in his now abandoned house with a for sale sign in the yard.

One day when he climbed in the window he saw a phone hooked up in the kitchen and knew the house had been sold and he would have to move on.

Young and alone he began to work the “trades of the streets” for money. He caught his first acting gig in the form of a “Taco Bell” commercial when he was still fairly young and it went on from there.

After living the party and ‘gang-banger’ life for several years, he was invited to a Christian conference by a producer friend, and it was there that he gave his life to Christ in 2008.

Noel G has a powerful testimony and shares it as he and his wife travel the world with Second Chance. Together, they are reaching out to others that have walked similar journeys and are looking for a better way.

He, his wife, and Second Chance were all so kind and easy to talk to. We spent a bit of time with him before the show and my cousins were able to talk with him more the next Sunday at their regular service time.

It is encouraging to see those celebrities that get out there and use their fame and fortune to make a difference in the lives of others! I was both encouraged and blessed by meeting Noel G.

Oh, and my favorite part of the night was when my dad after we took a few pictures and shook Noel’s hand, begins to walk away and turns around to say. “Hey, I liked that movie “Bruce Almighty,” and then cracks up as he is walking away.

Noel G looks at me, laughs with his tongue sticking out, and throws his head back and hands up. He can laugh at himself and so could we! :p

Have you met a celebrity that changed your outlook or perspective?