no infections and feeling better

Happily Ever Avery // No Infection + Feeling Much Better

  • WBC: 1.4
  • Hgb: 10.6
  • Platelets: 128
  • ANC: 360

First, Avery’s CBC panel above still looks good. She will most likely need platelets this weekend, and we’re sure her ANC will continue to fall. Both are expected byproducts of the chemo she had last week.

Next, she is feeling MUCH BETTER! The fluids, antibiotics, pain meds and much needed sleep have all helped get her well again.

In fact, as you can see from the video Mom posted, she ROLLED OVER TODAY!

(Her hospital room door was revolving yesterday with lots of Drs, specialists, therapists, etc… so this may be a long one)

All posts about Avery have been moved to her own site!