Show Off Your Nautical Nature with Old Navy

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Although I don’t use Colby’s last name, we still embrace it when it comes to decorating. It’s unique and the kids and I find the fun in it’s nautical reference. Therefore, when Old Navy asked us to share their new-nautical spring line, It wasn’t hard to be inspired!

Show Off Your Nautical Nature with Old Navy

Show Off Your Nautical Nature

Bold stripes, anchors, and sea time colors were found on racks and tables throughout our local Old Navy store. These new Spring neo-nautical essentials help brighten any wardrobe. From the bold, brightly colored denim to the conversational maritime graphics, it’s easy to mix-and-match pieces to perfectly fit your personality. With us? It was exciting to find pieces in everyone’s size to show off our nautical-name pride!

classic stripes Old Navy

We found the classic stripes in every department and had a great time pulling together outfits that would all tie together. With the girls especially, we’ve always bought pieces that collaboratively work together. They will eventually grow out of it and stop letting me do this, but, for now, it still brings me joy. And they don’t have to be matchy-matchy, just similar. For example, Joeli loves rainbows and grabbed the Creme De La Creme Tie-Front Tee featuring one inside a heart right off the rack. Jaci came right behind her and put the California Love tee in the bag. Although not exactly the same, still similar and incredibly fitting to their different personalities.

Old Navy Tie-Front Tees for girls

Me? I love the stripes and anchors. Anything with anchors. This in addition to comfortable material and a relaxed fit. Therefore, the Anchor Relaxed Graphic Crew-Neck Tee fit me to a t. (Get it?!) For real though. It was perfect. The graphic, style and fit were all as though they were made just for me. Paired with a pair of Mid-Rise Everyday Khaki Shorts, I couldn’t be happier.

Anchor Relaxed Graphic Crew-Neck Tee

Not to mention, the color matched the Soft-Washed Crew-Neck Tee I snagged at the last minute for Colby. The small anchor pattern was simply too much to pass up.

You, Me & the Sea Boat-Neck Tee

Besides, he needs more nautical in his life. After all, it’s his last name we’re celebrating with every anchor, broad stripe, and bold color! That’s why I had to have the You, Me & the Sea Boat-Neck Tee. For almost 26 years it’s been me and him. This way, I can proudly portray that through my fashion style.

How do you show off your nautical nature?

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