Simplify Your Life Week
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The first week in August is set aside as “National Simplify Your Life Week.” Seriously! Now that is my type of holiday. How many of us need to stop, take a look around, and really just simplify things. I know I do. Yesterday being Monday I am totally feeling this right now! Mondays, for me, are always crazy because we all have to fall back into routine after a busy weekend. SuperDad is back at work and the kids are feeling his absence. It seems everything goes  topsy-turvy on Mondays and yesterday was no exception. Therefore, let’s think about this shall we.

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Ways We Simplify Our Lives

  1. Meal Planning – With a large family, and a couple of picky eaters, meal planning has become a huge time saver for us. SuperDad and I will sit down on Sundays and write down a menu for the week. He then does the grocery shopping {price matching when he can} and then the menu is put up for all to see. The kids know what meals will be served that week and, when necessary, Pepper and Jake can get in the kitchen and prepare a meal without being asked. Makes dinners much easier.
  2. Synchronized Calendars – SuperDad and I are able to synchronize the calendars on our phone so that when one of us has an appointment, we add it to the calendar, invite the other, and it is now on the agenda for both of us. We do this for meetings, appointments, phone calls, whatever we may have come up between work, the kids, and so on. I love knowing I can look at the calendar and plan accordingly when needed. Simple!
  3. Delegated Tasks – I just covered this topic last week, but I really think it helps me knowing I can ask for help in my own home. Everyone knows what is expected from them in the chores department, and when they are all done as asked, our home runs smoothly and harmoniously. {Ok, so this, in retrospect, can totally simplify our lives, but in reality it is not always simple to make sure the tasks get done}.
  4. Pre-Determined Wardrobe – When the kids are in school we make sure to lay out clothes the night before, along with shoes and a packed backpack. JJ, my little over achiever, will often set her entire week’s worth of clothes out. {She even has a closet organizer just for that purpose}. This allows for more time to eat breakfast, groom everyone, and spend a moment just talking during the hustle and bustle of the morning routine. This alone is a HUGE simplifying trick for us!

What about your family? Do you utilize any of the techniques we do?

I would love to hear how you simplify your life because we are always a “work in progress” and I am open to new ideas. Laundry is my biggest headache and largest time consumer… do you have any great tips on how to simplify that? I must learn to manage all these clothes more efficiently or they are going to completely consume our home!
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