My hubby’s new dog

I mentioned earlier in my postings about my hubby’s new Roomba. Well, after living with this thing the past week I have decided it is as close as being his “best friend” as one can get without actually getting a dog!

iRobot Roomba 2007

Hubby’s New Dog

To begin with, my hubby has to “set parameters” so that the thing only stays in the rooms or designated area that he wants vacuumed. Thus, when I walked out of my room yesterday I had to step over a dining room chair used to separate the living room and the hallway. First though, I had to open my bedroom door (which is never shut) that was closed to keep the “dog” out of here… and then step over the chair.

I went to the pantry to look for a light snack and had to shut the door and keep watch on whether or not I was being followed … by the “dog”. I grabbed a handful of Cheez-its and sat on the couch to watch my hubby mess with his electronic components. Afterwards, I decided to test this new “contraption” with the crumbs I had in my hand. I dumped them onto the floor and waited for the thing to get near. It came right to them, then turned away! Like some persnickety dog! I “guided” the thing back to the crumbs, and this time it preceded to “eat them” as I hoped. I told my hubby it reminded me of an old dog my family had for years. This dog eventually went both blind and deaf, so we had to guide it towards it’s food and stuff … just like the Roomba.

Nevertheless, I’ve told my hubby to name it and he said he was going to make ears and such to put on it. Finally, my kids have that dog they’ve always wanted … and mom will never allow them to get (4 kids is enough to keep alive, fed, and clean)! BTW … I must admit, it does actually do a well enough job vacuuming … especially since no one has to actually run behind the vacuum!

Boy how things have changed since this first post! Colby and I now both work from home blogging, we travel all over the US, drive a different car every week and support our family of 7 with our blogs. 

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