Mrs Freshleys mini donuts

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How do your mornings typically start? Cup of coffee? Cereal? Eggs? Donuts perhaps? Being able to sit and enjoy breakfast is a luxury for some. In our busy schedules, breakfast is often eaten on the run. Mrs. Freshley’s mini donuts are perfectly packaged for the busy family on-the-go.

Mrs Freshleys mini donuts

Mrs. Freshley’s

Mrs. Freshley’s has been around for more than 15 years. They carry over 50 different snack cakes and pastries, including the convenient single serve six packs of mini donuts. Available in powdered sugar, chocolate, cinnamon, cake and crunchy flavors, these mini donuts are a sweet start to your day.  Not to mention, Mrs. Freshley’s donuts contain zero grams trans fat.

MF mini donuts

In our home, Colby and I enjoy the fresh taste of Mrs. Freshley’s mini donuts as the kids do. Each savory, sweet-tasting bite is mouth-watering and keeps me wanting more. Of course, even with their small size, Mrs. Freshley’s reminds us that moderation is key for any food. We often share a package of 6 to ensure we continue to make good choices in our eating. After all, we deserve a treat every now and then too! Another reason the mini donuts are perfectly sized!

MrsFreshly chocolate donut

In addition to the mini donut assortments, Mrs. Freshley’s also offers a variety of other great pastries that are sure to tempt your sweet tooth. Here are just a few of their 50+ products available to you:

  • Brownies
  • Cinnamon & Sweet Rolls
  • Creme-filled Cakes and Cookies
  • Fruit Pies
  • Honey Buns
  • Snack Cakes

Additionally, Mrs. Freshley’s has added Cookie Bars, Chocolate Dreamies and Cinnamon Coffee Cakes to their tasty line-up. I cannot wait to get my hand on the Cinnamon Coffee Cakes. I have always had a soft spot for them paired with a hot cup of coffee! My mouth is watering just thinking about it!

Which Mrs. Freshley’s mini donut flavor is your favorite?

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