Ask any “mommy blogger” how long her days are and you will learn that they are long. I average around 4 hours of sleep a night.

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Mommy Blogger

Why? Because I choose to write and maintain my blog, as well as homeschool my older two children, help my middle two girls with homework and play with them after their school day, and chase my toddler around the house all day and take her potty every 30 minutes for at least 15 minutes each time.

On top of that, I have grown my blog by leaps and bounds in the past 6 months and yet my family remains in tact! I do what I do because I enjoy it and I have been able to add to my family’s income through it.

I have seen mommy bloggers attacked for a variety of reasons either as a whole or individually. As a whole, there is no way to generalize such a vast community of unique individuals into one comparison.

You just can’t.

We are each different.

Different writing voices; different styles; different lives; different people. Individually… sure, I have seen some bloggers who are a “bit out there.”

You know that saying, “Every family has one.” Yeah, that! Every family, group, team, country, whatever… we all have one. And, yes, we are all entitled to our own opinions and THAT is what makes us unique.

Besides, I appreciate reading another mom’s {or dad’s} struggles and triumphs in the world of parenting and knowing that I am not alone!

You mean your kid does that too?!

One of my most popular posts is about my 7 year old’s battle with anorexia. It makes me feel good not that others are going through the same journey, but that they know they are not alone. Someone else has walked that walk and overcome it. They can too!

We work very hard at what we do. Besides maintaining our blog we also maintain a family.

How do we balance the two? Time management and discipline. I know the time of day that I can write or market my blog. I know when I need to feed my kids, help with school work, or play with a child. My blog or social media life never comes first. My family always does.

I write late at night while my family sleeps. I schedule posts around events and family time. I take the weekends off to be with my family. I rarely ever get on the computer on the weekends. I have a very supportive family and they enjoy telling others what I do.

I am proud to know I am loved at the same time I am working to help provide for my family.

I have met some nasty individuals along the way, but as a whole, I have enjoyed the camaraderie between such an amazing group of women.

I have asked for help and they have answered. I requested prayer and they responded. I offered advice and they received it. Just because we choose to blog it does not make us any less of a parent.

In fact, I know parents in my personal life whose kids are worse off than mine… and they don’t blog, work outside or inside the home, or do much of anything for that matter. Therefore I must be doing something right along the way.

I do not like to be generalized or judged. I am me.

Whether you blog, work full-time outside the home, stay home with your kids all day, whatever the case may be… none of that matters when it comes to taking care of your family.

All that matters is that your family is taken care of and you are all happy… together.

Don’t judge us… there is much more to a mommy blogger than meets the eye!

Just for kicks, I found this old Mashable article on the Top 10 Biggest Misconceptions About Mommy Bloggers that is an interesting read.

What do you think when you hear the term Mommy Blogger?