Monsters Inc 3D

Monsters Inc 3D

Monsters, Inc Returns to the Big Screen in 3D

Originally released on November 2, 2001, and was the highest grossing animated film at the global box office in 2001, “Monsters, Inc.” is yet another Disney/Pixar classic. I loved Boo and her crazy cute voice and could not watch it enough with my kids. Back then it was just two of them and as we began adding the girls we often mentioned how much they reminded us of Boo. We still quote lines from the movie and are looking forward to seeing it again soon.

That’s right, Sulley and his best friend, Mike Wazowski, will once again be returning to the big screen. But, this year they will be even bigger as they come flying out at us in 3D! Therefore, as Sulley and Mike work feverishly to get Boo back home, watch out for monsters and toys to be flying off the screen. And… some of the best news to follow this announcement… On June 21, 2013, Disney•Pixar will unlock the door to a prequel, “Monsters University,” that tells the story of how Mike and Sulley met in college, overcame their differences and became the best of friends.

Therefore, make sure to watch Monsters, Inc, in theaters starting December 19, 2012, so you can refresh your memory or share the story with the new generation… and then get ready for more next June!

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