As we are invited into a variety of homes on TV each week, we may not put much thought into the lives of the actors off the screen. Recently, we were able to sit down and talk with a few of the Moms of ABC TV Network. Some only play a mom on television, while others are real-life moms.


Moms of ABC

As we pulled into the Walt Disney Animation Studios, there were nice town cars arriving with our special guests of the evening. We filed into the halls of the studio and up to the beautiful terrace for a relaxing evening chatting and mingling. We grabbed drinks and awaited our celebrity guests.

Once “the Moms” came out to join us, the real fun began. We sat in small groups and were able to have intimate, meaningful conversations with each of the lovely women that came around. The entire evening was filled with laughter, learning, and real-life talk about being parents… and more.

Photo Credit: Nicole Wilder

As chatty as we all can be, we, unfortunately, did not get a chance to talk to everyone. But, we were able to chat with a good number of the ladies that were at the event. Amanda Fuller (@AmandaFuller27) was the first to sit in our coveted seat and was a delight to talk with. So young and full of ambition, she has a great line up of work on the horizon. Be sure to catch her on Last Man Standing on ABC.

Photo Credit: Craig Sjodin

Next, we were delighted to engage with Alexis Carra (@AlexiaCarra) of “Mixology.” I loved listening to her enthusiasm about becoming a mom. She does not currently have children but wants to start a family soon. She had a plethora of questions for us and was genuinely interested in hearing the answers. I was impressed by the “research” she has done on raising children and ensured her that her desire to be a mom was in no way selfish. Alexis will make a terrific mom one day soon!

Photo Credit: Carin Baer

When Toks Olagundoye (@ToksOlagundoye) sat down beside me, I could not get past her accent. Originally from Nigeria, she has a beautiful accent and I was mesmerized by her voice. Besides, she is absolutely gorgeous both inside and out. Colby (yes, my husband and daddy to our 4 daughters) noticed the clutch Toks had with her. He commented on how unique it was and she told us that she had it since she was a small girl. Her mother had given it to her and she had coveted it all these years. It was fragile but incredibly cute (and special) indeed. You can watch Toks on The Neighbors.

Jami Gertz and Me

As our time was coming to an end with Toks, I noticed that Jami Gertz (Toks’ castmate) was leaving. I politely finished my conversation and had to stop Jami for a picture. She decided to not only take a picture, but to stick around and talk more. In fact, she was the last Mom to leave. But chatting with her was amazing. We talked about raising teenagers, lasting marriages, and balancing work and family. She truly has it together and I feel as though we can’t be doing too bad if Jami Gertz is doing things the same way.

Malin Akerman Moms of ABC
Photo Credit: Mommy Gaga

Although we did not get to talk with Malin Akerman (@MalinAkerman) of The Trophy Wife independently, I was brought into a conversation with her. The group next to us told her that Colby and I have 5 children and that is always a way to get people talking. She was both amazed and stunned, as well as super sweet about expressing both.

Colby, Patricia Heaton and Me

Patricia Heaton (@PatriciaHeaton) was another actress that we did not get time to talk to, but were able to grab a quick picture as we said hello. Patricia plays on The Middle and we have found some interesting correlations between that show and our family. It has become a favorite in our home.

Moms of ABC TV event
Photo Credit: Mommy Gaga

Wendi McLendon-Covey of The Goldbergs, Ming-Na Wen (@MingNa) of Marvel’s Agents of S.H.E.L.D., and Frankie Shaw (@FrankieShawisag) of Mixology were also at the mixer, but we did not get to sit down and talk with them. I heard from others that they were all fabulous… and have no doubt they were. The entire evening was incredible and it was an honor to spend it talking with the Moms of ABC.

Be sure to catch each of their shows on the ABC TV Network.