Mom's Night Out

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Let’s face it. Being a mom (a parent, in general) is no easy job. There are days when we feel like we did all we could just to survive. Moments when it seems the whole world is crashing down on us. And times when we are floating on the very top of cloud 9. The emotions are all over the place as much as the kids are. But, personally, I wouldn’t change it for the world.

Mom's Night Out

Mom’s Night Out

Recently I invited my mom and sister over to watch a Mom’s Night Out screener with me. We wanted to take a moment to ourselves just to see what the movie would bring to the table. How it would portray this crazy thing called parenting. We were laughing, crying, and nodding our heads in agreement. Yes! Been there. Done that. Got the t-shirt. Being a mom is no easy task but one we signed up for… and love doing.

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As we watched, I took notes and simply wanted to remember the many nuggets of truth I heard. Words of wisdom that spoke to me as a mom. As a person. Truths that made the movie stand out for me and that you may enjoy as well.

  1. My life needs to change for me to be happy. FALSE. We have the ability to choose joy. In fact, this has been my hashtag, my catchphrase, all year. #ChooseJoy. It’s that simple. In any circumstance we have the ability to choose to be happy and to turn that situation around. Our life does not need to change. We simply need to change our perspective. Choose to be happy.
  2. I am a failure. FALSE. Believe me. I understand this. I deal with this regularly as well. Then I take a look around at the marriage Colby and I have built.  The amazing family we have created. The business we have built. I have a purpose and, though there are times when I may fail, I will succeed. I am determined, passionate, and driven. I am NOT a failure.
  3. I am a mess but a beautiful mess. I am His masterpiece and that’s enough. I am me. And, well, that is enough. “I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made; your works are wonderful, I know that full well.” Psalm 139:14

The most meaningful part of the entire movie for each of was when Bones (Trace Adkins) told Allyson (Sarah Drew) about his mom and what he believes to be true about being a mom. These words cut deep because I know how much truth the hold for me:

Y’all spend so much time beatin’ yourselves up; must be exhausting.” – Bones

Ouch! We are our worse critic. At least I know I am. That mom guilt can be cruel and lead us down paths we don’t need to be on. Ones that lead to a break down in the closet. How about instead we take a Mom’s Night Out?! We deserve it. YOU deserve it. And it’s perfectly allowed.

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Mom’s Night Out stars Sarah Drew, Trace Adkins, Patricia Heaton, Sean Astin, and Logan White.

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