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Moms, Here Are Gift Ideas For Your Christmas List

Your children have probably sent Santa their Christmas lists already, but what about you? Have you dropped any subtle (or less than subtle) hints about the gifts you might want to unwrap on Christmas Day?

4 Gift Ideas for Mom

Mom’s Christmas Wish List

Often times, it can feel as though we’re the recipients of last-minute gifts. Not as an after thought, but more so along the lines that we’ve been so busy shopping for our families, that we simply don’t have time to think about ourselves.

Therefore, if you are still thinking about your own Christmas wish list, here are some ideas that you might want to include. 

iRobot Roomba

Are your household chores getting you down? Are you tired of lugging your vacuum cleaner around the house? If you have answered yes to either of these questions, and you’re open to getting household appliances as a gift, perhaps now is the time to put an iRobot Roomba on your list.

At the touch of a button, this robotic marvel will give your home a fresh vacuum, and other than hitting the on button (unless you program it remotely with an Alexa device), you won’t have to lift a finger.

Now, top of the range models are a little on the pricey side—you’re looking at over $1000—but there are lots of budget models, and these will do the job just as well.

Point your family to the Roomba Black Friday (2019) deals, as they might be able to pick up a bargain.

Noise-canceling wireless headphones

Why should you add noise-canceling headphones to your list? Well, as suggested in our reviews of Sony’s models, we all need an auditory escape from time to time, especially when living in noisy households.

With a set of noise-canceling headphones, you can drown out the craziness around you and immerse yourself in your favorite podcasts, music tracks, videos, or audiobooks.

Especially when the noise of the festive season gets a little too much, you will be thankful when you are able to slip a set of these into your ears.

Subscription box

A subscription box is the gift that keeps on giving, as you will receive a special bundle of goodies delivered to your door every month.

Plus, there are loads of boxes to choose from too, so no matter what you’re into, you are bound to find a subscription box that suits your personal tastes.

For example, you might opt for TheraBox, which contains everything you need for your self-care and pampering needs, with organic skin care products, aromatherapy, and even a collection of teas.

Another suggestion would be SnackSack, which will keep you topped up with a range of healthy snacks that are perfect for when you need an energy-lifting pick-me-up.

You can check out both of these and see a large range of other subscription boxes here. 

An experience gift

Although you may not have much to unwrap on Christmas Day with this type of gift, you will have some fantastic memories to unwrap for many years to come if your family treats you to an experience gift.

Ever wanted to fly over Dallas in a hot air balloon? Or how about a spin around a race track in a racing car? Or what about trying your hand at being a zookeeper for the day?

There are literally hundreds of experience gift ideas here, so think about your bucket list, and then bookmark the relevant page online for your family to find.

What’s on your own Christmas wish list this year?

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