moms and daughters night out
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Do you often wonder if you are doing a good job as a parent? I know I do. It’s hard not to think about as you watch your children grow and spread their wings. I know my defining moment came after our oldest daughter, Cheyenne, graduated and moved out. It was seeing her on her own that made me realize we “did good.” That struggle with parental doubt is real and within all of us as parents.

moms and daughters night out

Mom, You’re Doin’ Good

That moment of knowing that she is doin’ good is coming for my sister soon when her oldest graduates and heads to college. I hope she sees just how good she has done. First of all, my niece stays out of trouble, works hard, and is graduating in the top 10 of her class. That is no easy task. Not to mention, the everyday demands of life can weigh on us and we may feel as though we aren’t doing a good enough job. But, I am here to tell you that most of us are doing much better than we think!

sis and daughter Sweet 16

My sister was a teenage mom. Pregnant when she graduated high school, she still worked hard to put herself through school and raise her daughter… alone. It wasn’t until my niece was 5 years old that my sister was married and brought a “daddy” into the picture for her. They became a family of four and the hard work didn’t stop.

Senior Class of 2015 - niece

Through more hard work and determination, tears of sadness and joy, as well as plenty of grueling homework sessions, my niece will walk the stage in June at the top of her class. But, I know from conversations that my sister still has her doubts. We all do. Once the time comes to set them out on their own we simply want to make sure we did all we could while we had them. To know that we taught them right from wrong. To understand their need for independence but hope they still need us.

my sister and niece

Again, for me, this came when Chey moved out. When I saw her making good choices, working hard at both school and her job, and succeeding in all she accomplished, THEN I knew. This encouraged me enough to know that maybe… just maybe… I did “okay.” That what Colby and I had poured into her all of these years was enough. And that, if we are lucky, the other four won’t turn out so bad either. We simply keep doing what works, reanalyze the things that don’t, and give them all the unconditional love they need every day.

me and my teens

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And my sister? If she isn’t feeling this just yet, I want to simply tell her that she is doing better than she thinks. As soon as my niece gets out there and proves herself again and again in the world as an adult, I am sure my sister will have no room for doubt either.

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