Migraine Comes With More Symptoms Than Headache
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Did you know that there is More to Migraine than just a headache? In fact, sometimes the headache is only part of the problem. A migraine can actually include nausea, vomiting and sensitivity to light and sound. All of this is in addition to the headache. It can disable a sufferer for days.

Migraine Comes With More Symptoms Than Headache

More Symptoms Than Headache

Are you one of the nearly 36 million Americans that suffer from migraines? Unfortunately, I am one. Even worse, I have a couple of children that get them as well. My son was diagnosed with his first migraine before his 4th birthday. Watching your child suffer from the same excruciating pain you have felt is difficult to handle.

Migraine Comes With More Symptoms Than Headache

Personally, my migraine episodes typically involve nausea and an intense sensitivity to both light and sound. I find comfort in the shower as the water washes over my throbbing head. Afterward, I lay in bed with no light or sound and try to relax until I fall asleep. Alleviating some of my triggers helps to ease the pain and distinguish the symptoms quicker.

Tips for Managing Migraines

  • Keep a migraine diary to record your daily activities and identify patterns in what preceded a migraine.
  • Make note of what potentially triggers your migraine; avoiding these things may lessen the frequency and/or severity of your migraine.
  • Get plenty of sleep. A poor night’s sleep can often trigger a migraine so be sure to rest well each night.
  • Be consistent with your meals and don’t skip any. Fasting often increases the risk of a migraine.

Once you determine your triggers, you can more easily manage the migraine. There is #MoreToMigraine than a headache. Learn more at MoreToMigraine.com