It’s the Little Things like Men’s Care Products

When I met Colby he was just 15 years old. I was actually amazed, even then, by how meticulous he was about his hygiene.

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He has always taken great pride in smelling clean and fresh.

Dove Men+Care body and face wash

Men’s Care Products

As his wife of over 24 years, I’m grateful, Y’all! All these years later, he still enjoys the process of twisting caps off men’s care products at the store and smelling each one before making a purchase. He is serious about his grooming needs!

I can’t complain. You should see the stock of Dove Men+Care and Axe we have in our bathroom cabinet! Not even kidding. I buy my products on an as-needed basis, but we never run low on his.

Dove Men+Care foaming body wash

Did you know there’s even a beard straightener for men product? Whereas he may not know about all of our products, there’s plenty we can learn more about when it comes to means grooming needs.

This means our stock of men’s care products has been replenished and all is well. 

Of course, it helps that we’re able to grab several products at a time while shopping at our local Kroger and taking advantage of their money-saving offers. 

Dove Men+Care bodywash and Axe deodorant

Seriously though, it’s one of those little things that keeps my man happy, while keeping my nose content as well, so it’s a great way to keep our marriage thriving. It’s all about give and take, right?

After all, those little things can really add up… just like the money we save in purchasing his men’s grooming needs at Kroger. 

Now, what can I do with that money we saved?!

Dove Men+Care foaming bodywash for shower

Okay, help your man get “man-crafted” at Kroger by swinging by the personal care aisle for the full lineup of men’s grooming products—including Degree deodorant, Dove Men+Care shampoo and body wash, Axe deodorant—and so much more.

Kroger is your one-stop shop for products that help men look and feel great from head to toe!

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