meal and snack planning tips

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We have pretty much run the gamete with all 5 of our children and their eating habits. There are times when they either do not want to eat at all, eat us out of house and home, or are right in the middle. Wherever they each may be, Colby and I still need to plan accordingly. It helps to have a few meal and snack planning tips ready.

meal and snack planning tips

Meal and Snack Planning Tips

Let me begin by stating, that parenting 5 kids over the course of 18+ years, we have learned that each child is different. They are, after all, their own little person. But, with a bit of guidance in the right direction, I like to believe we can lead them to make healthy choices, such as Mott’s® Snack & Go, in the food department.

  1. Plan your meals and snacks with healthy, balanced foods. Let the children get involved in the menu planning process, as well as the cooking. After all, children learn what they do.
  2. Throw out the junk food. Easier said than done? Perhaps. But, by replacing the sugary snacks with healthier options, such as Mott’s Snack & Go (offered in a variety of flavors), the kids are more likely to choose the latter. Plus, setting a good example is key. healthy snack options for kids
  3. Mix up the menu. I know that even I, as an adult, get tired of the same ol’ food over and over again. So change things around. Introduce a new dish a week or some other creative idea. It may be trial and error but you may all discover a new favorite.
  4. Have set snack times. Not only will you avoid “grazing” through the refrigerator, but you can also help keep energy levels up with scheduled snacks. A Mott’s Snack & Go Applesauce around mid-morning and a turkey roll-up in the afternoon can keep the kids going between meals. snack planning

What are your best meal and snack planning tips?

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