Simple and Tasty Marshmallow Pops for Valentine’s Day

We are days away from Valentine’s Day. Do you have everything planned? Is your love taken care of? The kids? Friends?

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Since I am not crafty in any way… nor am I a chef or baker… we must keep it simple. Colby and I are perfectly fine with a cheap date night or just sitting home with the kids.

Marshmallow Pops

Valentine’s Day

After careful consideration, we decided marshmallow pops would be both simple and tasty for us to try. My girls were thrilled. And I was excited to see just how easy they really were to make. Not to mention, they were delicious!

Marshmallow Pops

Are you ready for this? You will love how super simple these are to make.



  1. Begin melting chocolate. We preferred doing it over the stove, rather than microwave, so we could control the consistency better. Marshmallow Pops
  2. Set up sprinkles in a bowl, small cup, or plate for easy dipping. marshmallow sprinkles
  3. Insert lollipop sticks into marshmallows to prepare for dipping. lollipop sticks
  4. Once chocolate has reached desired thickness, dip a marshmallow in and the let cool. Note: We found that by letting the dipped marshmallow sit and cool for a minute or two, the coating did not run off the marshmallow. You may know this but we had to learn via trial and error. It was great though… we got to “eat our mistakes.” Yum! Back to the directions. marshmallow pop
  5. After a short cooling period, the marshmallow is ready to dip in the sprinkles of your choosing.
  6. Prop marshmallow pop in a stick in a holder of some sort to finish hardening.
  7. Wrap. Gift. Serve. Deliver. However you want to present them. And make sure to enjoy one or two yourself. You deserve it!

That’s it! Told you, simple and easy. Well, because that is how we roll!

What is your easiest recipe?

Did you learn by trial and error?