Maleficent Products

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Now that you and your kids have seen Maleficent are you ready to bring her home with you? You can! There are so many GREAT product options out there that you can find. I know my girls are loving the toys they have and are eager to get more.

Maleficent Products

Maleficent Products

When we attended the Maleficent press junket, we were also able to get an inside look at Disney’s Glendale Creative Campus. This is where all the magic happens with Disney’s consumer products, Y’all! The campus is incredible in size and design. Not to mention, they have a full library with tons of information for the product developers. Yes, just like in their movies, the toys, books, clothes, everything is researched to keep with the movie’s integrity. They stay true to their respective character. I kinda love that! Disney research is amazing on so many levels.

Disney's Glendale Creative Campus

Let’s talk about just a few of my favorite Maleficent products you can bring home … some I have and others I plan on trying to get!

  1. Maleficent Disney Film Collection Doll – Wow. From the iconic horns to the “leather” knee-high boots, this Maleficent doll is stunning. Her dress is lined with a glittery thread, has a faux leather collar, and the texture helps to bring it even more to life. Not to mention, the attention to detail in just her horns is enough to make your jaw drop. She even has her own accessory: her staff. Perfect for re-enacting all your favorite scenes from the movie. (My girls fight over this one… dailyMaleficent Disney Film Collection Doll
  2. Aurora Disney Film Collection Doll – Of course, since we have Maleficent, we need Aurora as well, right? Her stain gown has a beautiful mesh top layer to give it a more majestic look. Plus, there is gold foil thread that details the gown and really makes it sparkle. Again, so many details that go into creating the perfect doll. I am sure this one will have to join our collection soon!
  3. Aurora Deluxe Costume for Girls – Of course, not only do the girls want to play with Maleficent and Aurora, but they also want to BE them. Who wouldn’t, right?! This costume is amazing. We were actually able to talk to the designer of this particular costume and she shared her creative process with us. Every detail, down to the soft ruffled tulle trim at the cuffs and neck to the chiffon train edged in gold lace were carefully thought out. Designs go back and forth throughout the planning to finish with the gorgeous costume you see in front of you.
  4. Maleficent Journal – Perhaps because I like to write, but this was my personal favorite. This is a hardcover journal and perfect for taking notes, writing deep thoughts, keeping track of everything in your head. The possibilities are endless! The cover is a textured faux “dragon grain” and includes embossed foil lettering and a Maleficent foil accented art inset. The satin bookmark and silver charm are nice finishes to really set it apart from the other journals in my collection. Maleficent Journal
  5. Maleficent Dress for Girls by Stella McCartney – Okay. When I saw this dress in person at Disney’s Glendale Creative Campus I immediately fell in love. It is absolutely gorgeous in real life. The picture does not fully display how majestic and perfect it really is. This is the one I would love to get the girls eventually. The dress and wings are both accented with purple foil figures featuring glitter details. There are two layers of tulle overskirt as well as removable tulle wings that attach to the back with buttons. Seriously! Fabulous and ideal for Halloween or everyday dress up fun!

And these are just 5 of the Maleficent products you can bring home with you. I haven’t even touched on the clothes, shoes, and accessories available.

Maleficent MAC Cosmetics

Not to mention, MAC Cosmetics is offering a limited-edition color collection in specially designed packaging for the movie. Definitely worth checking out if you like make-up and want to try out Angelina Jolie‘s look in the movie. Bonus? They even include a download to show you exactly which colors are used to achieve Maleficent’s look in the film.

What is your favorite Maleficent product?

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