Making Memories As We Dance Through The Credits

We have this tradition of sorts in the house with our younger 3 girls {the teens are too cool to do it with us} where we dance through the credits at the end of a movie. Whereas most people turn the movie off when the credits start to roll, that is where we find they have the best music.

making memories

Dance Through the Credits

Therefore, with music running through our heads, JJ, Princess, Monkey, SuperDad and I become dancing fools in front of the TV. The girls twirl and spin, stomp and clamp, move up and back.

Daddy and I sway side-to-side, hold hands and swing back and forth with whichever daughter grab hold and wants that dance. We look silly and we do laugh a lot… but the best part of the whole thing are the memories being made.

Since I do work incredibly hard on top of being a mommy, I must mentally insure that I am making memories that last with my children. I know that they see me working away on the computer, but I have my husband as an accountability partner to make me remember to stop, get off the computer, and live life.

I do not work on weekends and make sure to join my family every night for dinner. I am often reminded of one particular scene in the movie, “Courageous” and want to make sure we always remember to stop and enjoy our kids.

Dancing through the credits is just one way I get to enjoy my kids and realize how we are truly are “living blessed on less.”

This has forever been one of my favorite songs, “I Hope You Dance” by Lee Ann Womack

What types of memories are you making with your kids?

Do you have fun family traditions? I would love to hear about them and perhaps incorporate them into our own family time.

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