fun over breakfast with Frosted Flakes
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Some of my fondest childhood memories are of playtime with my parents. They would get on the floor with us to play, pick out a board game for some friendly competition, or take us to the park down the street. There was always something to do as a family.

board games with preschoolers

Make Time to Play

Today, as a parent myself, I find that being able to spend quality time with my children is incredibly important to all of us. It helps create an overall feeling of joy and happiness within our home.

Not to mention, it seems to create lasting relationships we harbor well into their teen years.

get down on floor to play from kids point of view

Get down on the floor and experience play from their point of view.

Encouraging play with your kids doesn’t have to be challenging. There doesn’t even have to be much planning.

Your undivided attention means the world to them. Think about how much you appreciate it yourself. Then, simply give them that attention on their level.

fun over breakfast with Frosted Flakes

Incorporate their favorite foods into playtime.

Yes! It can be okay to play with your food when it means more family bonding. A themed tea party, pretend restaurant or culinary craft transports you into a fun, imaginative play land where anything is possible.

Let their imagination take the lead while you simply hop on and ride along. Even breakfast can be more playful when you share Frosted Flakes together.

The box can even provide hours of crafting and fun when you put a little thought into it!

make time to play with your kids

You will discover that playing with your kids not only improves your well-being, but greatly enhances the overall dynamic of the family.

Frosted Flakes wants to give Mom more time for the things that matter most to her… More Play, Fun Food and Love.

So get out there and make the time to play… today!