Little Charmers rainbow fields

Make Rainbows with Nick Jr Little Charmers

Right after telling Colby that we were expecting with each child, I would call my sister. She has always been one of my closest friends and I have found power in our friendship.

Being able to call her, or any friend, when I need to talk has magical powers unlike any other relationship. Little Charmers on Nick Jr. help teach our kids this very lesson. The Charmers have discovered that their most important power is true friendship.

Little Charmers toys for girls

Little Charmers

As my youngest daughter and I sat down to watch Little Charmers, she insisted on tuning into the “Somewhere Over the Rainbow” episode. She has an incredible devotion towards both rainbows and unicorns.

Therefore, this seemed like the perfect episode to watch with her and discover more about the Charmers-in-Training.

Through adversity and triumph, Hazel, Posie and Lavender were able to understand that being different isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Even though you may do things different that others, it doesn’t make your way wrong.

Being unique and creative is a fabulous trait to have! (For instance, crafting in a rainbow unicorn costume).

rainbow making craft

Plus, thanks to the kind words of her friends, Hazel discovered that a bit or teamwork and plenty of confidence can help you overcome anything that comes your way.

In Hazel’s case, she realized that even though her rainbows don’t always come out perfect, they are still beautiful and useful.

In fact, all three Little Charmers do their best to make good use of their new magical powers —which tend to lead to hilarious misadventures!

creating rainbows with Little Charmers

After watching the show and talking about what we learned, Joeli and I decided to grab her best friends (her sisters) to create a rainbow field for her new Little Charmers toys to play in.

Since Hazel was having a bit of trouble with her rainbow casting, we wanted to see if the Little Charmers Magical Wand could help us make one.

Little Charmers Hazel with wand

After all, Hazel with her magical cape, and her Cat Steven needed a place to run and play. Now, with a little time spent paper crafting, they have a rainbow field to play in!

Little Charmers toys - Nick Jr

Are you ready to enjoy rainbow crafts and the magic of friendship with your kids? With the holidays right around the corner, Little Charmers are the perfect holiday gift!

Cat Steven - Little Charmers

Rainbow Field

Taking construction paper in rainbow colors (red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple) and stack them together.

Across the long side of the paper, cut 1-inch wide strips; one of each color. Leave the red strip the original length, but trim the sequential colors.

Trim orange by 1-inch, yellow by 2-inches, green by 3-inches, blue by 4-inches, and purple by 5-inches.

Next, line up one side of the stack of paper strips and staple together. Match up the ends on the other side and staple again.

Glue cotton balls to both ends for clouds and let dry.

Space out the rainbows and grab your toys for some fun in the rainbow fields!

Little Charmers rainbow fields

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