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Make Learning to Read Fun

Rock N LearnDesigned to make learning to read fun for children, Rock N Learn Letter Sounds uses engaging games and fun characters to teach important skills. By working through letter sounds, to common sight words, and then on to complete sentences, the children learn by progression as they watch the DVD. Through a variety of on-screen games and animated characters, letters are brought to life and given sounds the child can understand. The Letter Sounds DVD teaches phonics to beginning readers of any age and helps them better understand the structure of words.

Teach Phonics at Home

letter soundsSince I have my 2 year old here with me all day it is important that I begin to teach phonics at home. Being the youngest of 5 she already has a somewhat limited vocabulary because it seems everyone else talks for her. But, she does have a great fascination for letters and numbers. Therefore, I knew she would love the Letter Sounds DVD. Adding letters to music is the perfect combination for her. She can not only learn the letters but she can get up and dance to the music. For her, it was all about the music at first and then she began to pick up on the letters as well. The “on-screen mouth” was one of her favorite features and she found great delight in trying to really imitate the sounds. Watching the video and listening to the sounds has helped expand her vocabulary and dancing skills!

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