Barbie sitting in a flamingo pool float

So what do you buy the girl that has everything? No, not you… or your daughter. Barbie! Well, how about a luxury mansion for Barbie.

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But, not just any luxury mansion… a Mega Bloks®  Barbie®  Build ‘n Style Luxury Mansion.

The Mega Bloks Barbie Fab Mansion is a luxury mansion designed specifically for Barbie and her friends. The mansion comes complete with furniture, accessories, and even a swimming pool.

Barbie and her friends will have hours of fun playing in this fabulous mansion.

With over 300 pieces, the possibilities for fun are endless. In fact, the Mega Bloks Barbie® Luxury Mansion comes with eight interchangeable rooms that can be built up and down whichever way you can imagine.

Each one is just waiting to be designed and decorated. The included accessories make for a plethora of design variations and decoration possibilities. The mansion is all up to your little girl’s imagination and wildest dreams.

Megabloks Barbie

Luxury Mansion for Barbie

Funny thing, my 7 year old, Princess, always judges a doll house by the elevator. Does it have one? Does it work?

Well, the Mega Bloks Barbie Luxury Mansion does have one… and it works! The elevator was the recipient of an unequal amount of playtime due to its popularity.

It seemed that either Fab Girl ™ Barbie® or Teresa® had to go up or downstairs constantly.

Beautifully Decorated Rooms

Barbie’s Fab Mansion from Mega Bloks is the perfect home for Barbie and her friends. The three-story mansion features an elevator, a staircase, a pool, and a spa.

The mansion also comes with furniture, accessories, and two Barbie dolls.

There is also a special Barbie Glam Room where girls can dress up their dolls and style their hair. This playset is sure to provide hours of fun for any Barbie fan.

They most likely were all over the mansion exploring the beautifully decorated rooms. The kitchen was often frequented since the girls simply had to eat!

A relax in the tub or a nap on the canopy bed were often necessary as well. But the living room was where both Barbie and Teresa could hang out together and simply enjoy their mansion and its décor.

Just imagine the ideas and dreams that can come to fruition once you begin to add on more Mega Bloks Barbie® playsets!

Barbie and Teresa can cruise to the beach house in the convertible; grab in ice cream from the cart, and stop by the pet shop or fashion boutique. Oh the places they can go as you add to the mansion playset!

The Barbie Fab Mansion is the perfect way to enjoy Barbie’s world in luxury.

Note: The Mega Bloks Barbie Build 'n Style Luxury Mansion is made for friends ages 4 and up. It does have several small pieces that can be choke hazards.