Learning to Love Your Curls with Dove Quench Absolute

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Did you know that only 10% of women in the U.S. with curly hair feel proud of their hair? I have to admit that, until recently, I was not one of them. Learning to appreciate my curls is something that has grown on me. The Dove Love Your Curls campaign encourages women everywhere to celebrate their curls and inspire future generations to do the same.

Dove Love Your Curls hair series

Love Your Curls

Even among all 4 of my daughters, only one has ever had my curls. It was a sad day when we cut off the last of her spirals. She was 4. Today she still begs me to curl her hair. My oldest daughter springs my curls as she comments on how much time she spends doing hers. Mine is all natural. And now? Now I love my curls.

learning to love your curls with Dove

Most of the reason I have learned to let my hair “do it’s own thing” is because of my girls. After all, girls are more likely to feel beautiful and proud of their hair if people around them do. I want my girls to know that they are beautiful… inside and out.

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Thanks to Dove, I can encourage my daughters to celebrate their hair. My youngest daughter actually has a bit of a wave, but she also has very coarse hair. When we were introduced to the new Dove Hair Quench Absolute products it quite literally changed everything about her hair care.

Dove Quench Absolute

The three part system actually works to nourish your hair. Each of the formulas are infused with protein, nutrients and Buriti Oil. This provides a nourished, smooth finish and incredibly manageable hair. Every morning her hair is a nest of tangles but Quench Absolute changed all that.

serious bed head hair

By simply using the products for one wash, her hair was transformed. The natural wave returned and we could brush through it with ease. In fact, she could brush through it herself. This was a big deal!

after using Dove absolute quench

Now, I can also share a free personalized e-book with her from Dove. It includes a custom dedication and illustration perfect for encouraging her to love her hair.

Love Your Curls ebook

The book features real stories from real women inspired the poems in the book. Written by best-selling author, Taiye Selasi and illustrated by Annick Poirier, the book is intended to represent and inspire curly girls of all ages. Be sure to download yours today and share with friends too!

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