Room - Ma and Jack

My love for books again has brought me the opportunity to see a film of a novel I have recently read. I could not put the book down; luckily it was over a weekend when I started reading! Lenny Abrahamson has brought to life the heart throbbing novel by Emma Donoghue with many talented actors and a real life story of a mothers struggle to gain back a life worth living and manage a young Jack with all the wonders in the world. Room is an incredible film with a real testimony of the strength of the family and will power, still with some language and suspenseful story line in the film is recommended for viewers 17 and older.

Room movie poster


In a world as confusing as Earth, five-year-old Jack (Jacob Tremblay) only knows what little piece that 10×10 ft. Room holds of the world. He was born there, him and Ma (Brie Larson) live everyday inside of room playing, eating, sleeping in bed and watching T.V. until the clock strikes 9pm, when Old Nick (Sean Bridgers) comes to visit and Jack goes to sleep in Wardrobe. While Jack thinks Room is home, Ma is a prisoner to Room and wishes to find her way back to her old home with the hammock in the back yard. I felt the sorrow Ma was trying to swallow every time she looked at young Jack and only wished for him to know anything different than Room.

Room is a film with so much love in the character’s eyes and shows the unbreakable love between a mother and her child. While your heart is breaking and beating for the hope that Jack and Ma will find a way to be free from Room and the depression that holds Ma on days when she is “gone“, you can feel a smile on your face whenever Jack is playing carefree or the way he has a name for everything in the Room. Jack is a lively boy who imagines everything in wide view, trying to explain the world to him without the whole picture. Watching Jack pieces together the world under his narration, you can see through the real mind of a curious young boy.

Room - Ma and Jack

When Ma and Jack find themselves outside of Room and in the “outside room” viewers experience the challenges of adjusting to their new life without Room and Old Nick, the joy in a peace of mind, the hope of a better life together, just Jack and Ma. Because I read the book before going to see this movie I knew to prepare myself for a suspenseful drama-thriller about the imprisonment of a young woman and her young son, but I still found myself on the edge of my seat, closing my eyes even, hoping that all of Ma’s plans would come to life as I had read in the book.

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Although the movie did not follow 100% of the book (which almost never happens) I did enjoy the changes that were made, in the novel, Ma and Jack spent many weeks apart due to Ma’s depression, while in the movie Jack is reunited sooner and her recovery was more promising than in the book. I highly recommend taking a date night, girl’s night, night alone, or any reason you may have to go out and see Room. Warning to whomever you decide to see it with, I was squeezing my husband’s arm and the next turning and sharing a smile with him. Enjoy this heart-moving movie now showing in select theaters!