love is

With 7 kids in the house, I could not help but wonder what love is through their eyes. Therefore, I gave my oldest daughter a pen and paper and she went around asking each one of the kids at the house what they thought. Here are their thoughts:

Love is… 

Our 3 year old friend who was over for a play date while his mom was at an appointment:

… hugs, kisses, watching TV with Mommy & Daddy. Friends.

Our 6 year old, Princess:

… when you spend a lot of time with your family… that makes love. Hugging.

Our 8 year old daughter, JJ:

… spending time with family.

Our 14 year old son:


Our oldest daughter’s 17 year old boyfriend:

… caring about someone a lot.

Our 16 year old {hopeless romantic} daughter:

Love is not anything you choose. Love is the uncontrollable feeling to want to help, care for, and be with someone all the time. At least that is what it is for me.

love is

Have you asked your kids what love is? I would love to hear there great answers. I believe children are amazing at knowing the truth about feelings that can get so mixed up as adults. 🙂

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