I don’t know about you but I usually hate the end of summer vacation. I typically enjoy being home with all of my kiddos. And, I am not saying I haven not enjoyed this summer, but it has been quite a LONG one I think.

1st Day of School
My Kindergartner and 2nd Grader! <3

Homeschool Bound Once Again?

Plus, even though we only have two in public school {at the moment}, those two being gone during the day sure makes for a quiet house. But, I will miss my two little buddies when they head off to school and I am sure Monkey will too.

Due to JJ’s issues related to her General Anxiety Disorder and other health problems, the stress level has been quite high at times. I told SuperDad as we were nearing the summer break that I was curious to see how things were going to go.

Although, I must admit, we have come such a SUPER LONG way since January and I have no complaints, I am just ready for the routine. JJ is too… she thrives on routines and schedules which is one reason we chose public school for her. She will be entering 2nd grade this year!

Princess is getting excited about being at the same school as JJ as she enters Kindergarten {her Pre-K program was at a different campus}. During registration today, one of my dearest friends {their school secretary} was telling Princess about how much fun they were going to have and all the hugs they get to share.

Glasses for the little princesses

After registration we took the girls in for eye exams and they were both given prescriptions for glasses {JJ would have been disappointed to NOT get the glasses I think}. So, we ordered their glasses just as we ordered Pepper’s and Jake’s yesterday.

Yep, all 4 kids in glasses now! And all are nearsighted except for JJ apparently and Princess has an astigmatism like her mommy. Finally, to finish off the day, Princess would not go to sleep until she wiggled her first loose tooth free. She is now one tooth less! 🙂

As for Pepper and Jake, ummm… I don’t know? They have been homeschooled for the past 9 years and I quite enjoy them being home. {Believe me, they are very socialized and do not lack in that area}.

I promised them 9 years ago that once we got to the high school level we would re-evaluate and weigh our options. Well, after much prayer and deliberation they both decided to try public school.

We have been to the local high school twice to meet with counselors and were told to send in transcripts to determine the next steps. We have done that but have not yet heard anything except that we must register them first.

Well, I don’t want to register them just to withdrawal them if the school is going to require they test into each subject {$90/test and they must get a 90% or above in order to pass}. I do not have $90 for 4 tests X 2 students.

Therefore, we have a “Plan B” ready in case we are still homeschooling. I am secretly happy with Plan B! Although, SuperDad and I are going to the high school tonight to meet with the counselors once again and give it one last try.

I am simply praying for God’s Will in this one… I trust He knows what is best.

Pepper and Jake in glasses

In the meantime, we have taken the older 4 in for check-ups, vision screenings, and eye exams. Pepper and Jake got shots, Princess and JJ lucked out, and Monkey is due next month. {I CAN NOT believe she is about to be 2 already! Aaahhhh!}

We have a few back-to-school supplies ready to go and the girls have so many clothes that our house is busting at the seams {I tend to keep a lot and we are given plenty as well} so we should only need to purchase shoes for everyone and a few things for the older 2.

Backpacks and lunch boxes from last year still look brand new so they are good to go. It’s been a crazy busy summer but I am ready for a routine.

How about your family?

Are you ready for Back-to-School?

I know that as soon as the girls head to school I am going to be missing them and wanting them back home with me. :/