me and 3 of my girls

I grew up around boys. Yes, my girl cousins were around, but I always enjoyed spending time with the boys more. Running around getting dirty. Playing ball. Fishing. Watching them work on cars (they never actually let me help in that area… just watch). I just wasn’t the type for dolls. I had them. But didn’t really play with them. I would change their clothes now and then but that’s about it.

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I have been a tomboy my entire life.

hanging with the boys

I don’t wear make-up. Have never carried a purse in my life. It feels so awkward to me to even consider quite honestly. Let’s see. No heels. No fake fingernails, eyelashes, hair extensions or anything else to beautify myself. Just plain ol’ me. (Yes, there are times I make exceptions for the make-up and even slip on a dress… but no heels!)

And I have always been completely okay with that. It’s who I am. Now the fun part? I have 4 daughters. These 4 girls are not quite the tomboy that Mom is. One goes back and forth and is the closest version I see, but even she enjoys spa days and make-up. I like to tell people that my 4 daughters are my proof positive that God has a sense of humor.

Enchanted Fairies girls

They try to doll me up every chance they get. In an effort to be a good mom, I just go with it.

My toes are often painted some crazy colors. Why? Because it makes Jaci happy. She crawls underneath my desk while I work and paints my toenails. And toenails only. I don’t want to see it on my fingers… or for anyone to see it and think I have been reformed.

Although I am allergic to fragrances and everything they put on me makes me itch, the girls insist on pulling out make-up every few months. I leave it on long enough for them to walk away and then I run upstairs to wipe it off. I cannot stand it for too long.

me and 3 of my girls

Shopping? Yeah. Not a fan. Fortunately for the girls, Colby has no problem heading to the stores. That can be Daddy’s time with them. I despise it.

Jaci, who coincidentally is my girliest, used to have different (pretend) moms. These moms each did something she wished I would do. For instance, she had a “Shopping Mom.” This mom took her shopping whenever she wanted (in her mind at least). There was even a “Make-Up Mom” and a “Dancing Mom.” She has quite the imagination, I tell ya. And I guess she finally outgrew that stage because we have since moved on.

Or perhaps she has simply decided that I do well enough as a mom and she can be content with me. I mean, I do give in. I have my limits. We all do. But once I move past all my inhibitions of being too girly, I find that I do the things I do to make my kids happy. If that means a little toenail polish and blue eye shadow then why not?! As long as I don’t break out in hives, I’m good.

me and my teens

We make sacrifices when it comes to our kids. To our family. This is mine. I let them doll me up. I participate in their spa days. I take them shopping. But I WILL NOT carry a purse or walk in heels. I absolutely must draw the line somewhere.

In what ways do you “sacrifice” to make the kids happy?

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