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When you think about the worst appliance to clean in your kitchen, what do you think about? For most people, cleaning the inside of the oven is a major headache. There is baked-on grease and grime that does not want to come out… and you have to almost climb inside to scrub it clean (okay, it’s just a saying, I am in no way telling you to try this at home). But seriously, what if I told you the LG ProBake Convection™ range feature LG’s EasyClean®?!

LG ProBake Double Oven

LG Pro Bake Oven

Well, you may want to know what it means to have LG’s EasyClean. Easy. 3 Steps. 10 minutes. 1 spotless oven. That’s right! In just three easy steps and 10 quick minutes, your oven can be impeccably clean thanks to LG’s EasyClean. You only need to spray the oven interior with water, press EasyClean, and then wipe away any residual bits of grime in just 10 minutes. No chemicals or high heat needed to keep your oven sparkling clean. Now wouldn’t that be a dream come true?

LG ProBake Double Oven with EasyClean

Now, you are ready to bake in a clean oven even quicker! With the LG ProBake Double Oven from Best Buy, you can enjoy even, professional style cooking at home this holiday season! Inspired by pro-style ranges, this LG range moved the heating element from the bottom of the oven to the back wall for optimal heat distribution. Enjoy consistent browning on top and bottom — with every cookie baked to perfection with LG’s ProBake Convection ranges. Baked to Perfection on Every Rack, Every Time.

Root Beer Float Cupcakes

Sounds like the perfect oven for baking my favorite Root Beer Float Cupcakes this holiday season! I know the kids love them and am sure the rest of the family will as well.

What would you bake first in your LG Pro Bake Oven?

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