LG InstaView Craft Ice at Best Buy

Become the Ultimate Home Entertainer with LG InstaView Craft Ice

With the holidays coming up, do you have parties planned?

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Is this your year to host holiday dinners at your home?

Want an easy way to become the ultimate home entertainer?

LG InstaView™ Door-in-Door® Refrigerator

LG InstaView

What if I told you that your refrigerator can help make this dream come true for you? That’s right? Your refrigerator!

The LG InstaView™ Door-in-Door® Refrigerator, available at Best Buy , now features Craft Ice™. This is not your ordinary ice maker.

Craft Ice features dual ice makers that automatically create crushed, cubed, and LG’s exclusive slow-melting round ice on demand.

This means you can present upscale, craft drinks at home to your guests.

LG InstaView Craft Ice

How does Craft Ice make entertaining better?

  • Craft Ice™ maker automatically makes batches of slow-melting round ice—without the work
  • No more messing with expensive and time-consuming molds that only produce one or two at a time
  • A game changer for home entertainers, Craft Ice opens a new world of high-end drinks and keeps your soft drinks, lemonade, and iced coffee tasting their best
  • Additional ice maker on the door produces traditional cubed or crushed ice
  • LG’s exclusive round, slow-melting Craft Ice helps beverages taste their best, longer

Not to mention, LG’s newest InstaView™ Door-in-Door® refrigerators are sure to draw attention as well.

The LG InstaView design lets you see inside your refrigerator without ever opening the door—simply by knocking twice on the unique glass panel.

This offers you quick and easy access to your family’s favorite foods, while also conserving energy. Plus, the popular Door-in-Door® design is improved with an adjustable bin that fits snacks and drinks of all sizes.

Not to mention, the bin glides smoothly up and down and locks into place with minimal effort. All making for a simple, no-fuss experience in your kitchen.

If you’ve ever had a faulty bin, I’m sure you understand.

Ready to amaze your guests this holiday season?

Find out more about the LG InstaView™ Door-in-Door® Refrigerator with Craft Ice™ at your local Best Buy or at BestBuy.com