Lenovo Smart Tab + Alexa
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It’s no secret that we love our smart home technology around here. It makes things easier in the scheme of things; and our platform is based on simple.

Lenovo Smart Tab + Alexa

Lenovo Smart Tab + Alexa

Alexa’s integration into a variety of smart home products makes everything seem to work together even more seamlessly. The latest way we’ve found to make our smart home smarter is with the Lenovo Smart Tab M10 Tablet with Alexa-built in.

The basic of it is you can now control your Lenovo Smart Tab with voice controls through Alexa.

First, let’s talk about the Lenovo Smart Tab. You can experience gorgeous visuals and immersive audio with its 10.1-inch Full HD display. Content on this tablet looks sharp and detailed, while the smart dock’s powerful speakers deliver powerful, life-like audio.

Now, with Amazon Alexa technology built-in, this Lenovo Smart Tab lets you use voice commands to ask questions, play music and stream content throughout your home.

You can ask Alexa to show you the front door, turn off the lights, or set the temperature with a variety of compatible smart home devices that include Ecobee, Philips Hue, WeMo, and more.

Not to mention, it’s even easier to check the weather, see the news, or set a timer as you bake your best brownie recipe. With three far-field microphones, Alexa can pick up your voice from across the room. You simply have to ask.

Finally, with the included dual front speakers and Dolby Atmos ® support, you can enjoy a theater-like audio experience everywhere you go. Take in music, movies, shows, and videos and your Lenovo Smart Tab and fully immerse yourself in cinematic sound.

Find out more about the Lenovo Smart Tab with Alexa at your local Best Buy or at BestBuy.com.