Finding Comfort Leaving Your Child With a Caregiver

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I still remember the first time I was going to work in the corporate world and had to, for the first time, leave my older two children with someone other than family. I had worked in child care, but had yet to be on the other side of the door.

Leaving Your Child With a Caregiver

Leaving Your Child With a Caregiver

Being the mom who was dropping her children off for the day was different for me. And to be honest, it was hard. I had been the only one handling the care of my children for several years, so I wasn’t quite prepared for the emotions. In fact, I did a dry run the day before I started so I could cry it out.

The kids? They did great. They couldn’t wait to go back the next day. Not only did they have the confidence that they could do it, but I had the sense of security I needed to know I could leave them in someone else’s care for a few hours a day.

At KinderCare,

their “commitment to whole-child confidence ensures each kid that comes into [their] centers feels comfortable to be themselves and shine bright.”

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Having worked in childcare, I knew I was leaving them in good hands. Their caregivers were going to teach, feed, and care for them with gentle kindness. My children were safe and well cared for. I simply had to wrap my head around the fact that others could care for them as I could.

Again, KinderCare works so that their “unwavering devotion to [your] children gives parents peace of mind to pursue [dreams] and to integrate work and life.”

Not only is KinderCare working to give your children confidence for life, but they are hoping to encourage that in parents as well through the level of care they offer.

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My oldest two children are now 20 and 22. My daughter graduates from college in May and plans to continue on with her Masters next. Her love for learning and confidence to be anyone she wants was fostered in that first childcare center.

The teachers invested in the children in such a way that the kids not only absorbed the lessons taught to them, but they carried the memories of the time there with them throughout the years. I know this because my kids still revert back to their days at that center and laugh when recalling the stories.

My niece attended the same childcare and invited the director to our high school graduation a couple years ago.

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Why? Because his childcare center gave our children the confidence and guidance they needed to go on to greater things.

His school imprinted on their lives well past childhood by showing them fun, creative ways to learn and genuinely caring for them in the short time they were in the teacher’s care.

As a parent, what brings you comfort in relation to child care?

Researching child care can be an exhausting, stressful event in your parenting journey. KinderCare understands this.

Since opening in 1969, the brand’s calling has been as consistent as ever, aiming to help hard-working families in the workforce pursue their individual dreams and instill confidence in both children and parents alike.

Now, with over 1,400 centers in 38 states, with an unmatchable conviction to provide outstanding services, confidence and comfort in families across the nation.

Visit a KinderCare location near you to learn more about what sets them apart as an amazing resource for child development and care.