Kix cereal story box adventures
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I remember, as a child, always trying to get to the bottom of the cereal box to find the toy inside. There was always some sort of fun little prize once you finished the cereal. Or well, for some, even before all of the cereal was gone. Now, Kix cereal has a new way to play.

Kix cereal story box at Target

Learning Through Play

In an effort to to fuel kids’ imaginations and inspire their creativity, Kix cereal has launched an interactive story box to keep kids both engaged and inspired.

So, of course, we had to grab a couple boxes at Target and have a little fun with them ourselves. And I must say, you give my kids an inch of liberty and they tend to really take off with it.

Kix cereal box character pop outs

Noticing that there were pop out pieces on the box of Kix cereal, my girls quickly became preoccupied with playing.

After pouring a bowl of cereal, they then popped out each piece, carefully put each one together, and then began to create jungle and water scenes on the table.

One even went as far as to grab water-looking scrapbook paper to further enhance their play scene.

creative learning through play

Not to mention, learning through play is a great way to teach children a variety of lessons. As they play, they develop basic skills for life application. For example:

  • Storytelling is a building block of both reading and writing, as well as other subjects such as social studies and science.
  • Building the pop out characters teaches logic, reasoning and problem-solving. Figuring out where each piece goes helps in cause and effect too.
  • Imagination further develops a child’s ability to visualize events in history or conceptualize science experiments.
  • Sharing the pieces as they play builds those ever important social skills. Being able to cooperate and get along well with others helps in relationships throughout their life.

Knowing each of these lessons that can be learned as children play and create their own stories makes the new Kix boxes pretty amazing.

Kix cereal story box adventures

Not only will your children get fed a “kid-tested, mother-approved breakfast” but they will have fun and learn a thing or two as they eat.

How do your children learn through play?

You can find Kix cereal story boxes exclusively at Target. Be sure to explore the online storybooks at for more stories and ideas.