Learn About Weather : The Magic School Bus Weather Lab

Since we homeschool, we like to find fun ways to get the girls engaged in learning. One of the kids’ favorite subjects at home as always been Science. The possibilities of learning outside a classroom are endless. Plus, the experiments are always great for really learning and digging deeper into the intricacies of how things work.

learn about weather

Learn About Weather

With the recent changing of the seasons, we thought it would be a good time to learn about weather. When we were offered an opportunity to review The Magic School Bus Weather Lab from The Young Scientists Club , it was an ideal tie-in to our weather study. Plus, it gave us a wonderful collection of supplies and experiments to kick-start our unit.

weather lab supplies

The Weather Lab provides the tools the kids need to become the family meteorologist. They can build the bus-shaped weather station using the included directions and tools, and then track the weather. There are 28 experiment cards inside the box to encourage the children to learn more about interesting weather phenomena. After creating a whipping tornado or causing rain to fall, kids can better understand and monitor the weather around them.

weather experiment

Not only are the children more inspired to learn about weather and the study of Science, but they also get a dose of math. Not to mention, reading, note taking, observing, and even team work.

The Magic School Bus Weather Lab

Weather Lab

The Magic School Bus Weather Lab contains:

  • 28 experiment cards
  • weather station base
  • wind vane
  • plastic cup with rounded top
  • measuring cup
  • sponge
  • thermometer
  • pinwheel
  • 3 pieces of clay
  • peat pellet
  • paper plate
  • string
  • dish
  • 2 cardboard circles
  • bar magnet
  • 3 plastic tubes
  • straw pencil
  • index card
  • petri dish
  • weather chart
  • data notebook
  • snake model
  • anemometer
  • bottle connector
  • 2 sticker sheets

Everything you need to properly learn about weather and discover more about the world around us every day. JJ even decided she wanted to share one of the 28 experiments with her YouTube audience. It was a first-run of the experiment so you can see exactly how it went for her. I mean, not all experiments work perfectly the first time. Ha!

Afterward, her older brother wanted to make sure she understood why the change in temperatures made the water both rise and fall. So it was a fun learning experience for everyone as we sat behind the camera to discover what would happen with her. Well, that and to capture the behind-the-scenes action of waiting for the water to rise in the straw.

weather thermometer

What do you think will happen in the experiment?

Be sure to watch the video to see what JJ discovered.

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