Good Reasons to Learn a Language with Babbel

Hoping to learn a language this year? Babbel is an app for online language learning and has courses that easily integrate into your everyday life.

Our 12-year-old wanted to learn Spanish this year so she and I began working through the course together.

good reasons to learn a language with babbel


Babbel has courses available in 14 languages including German, English, French, Spanish, Italian, Turkish, Norwegian, Danish, Russian, (Brazilian) Portuguese, Polish, Indonesian, Swedish, and Dutch.

As you can see, although Babbel doesn’t have courses in as many languages as other apps, such as the Ling app, they offer many choices like reading and descriptive essay writing and you set the pace for your learning.

Plus, in addition to desktop, Babbel is the best-selling language learning app on both iTunes and Google Play so you can do the courses from anywhere.

Babbel - online language learning

For us, this means that her language courses can come with us as we travel. After all, one reason she wants to learn Spanish is to talk to her PaPaw more in his native tongue, as well as be fluent in it for our travels.

Additionally, our 10-year-old dreams of going to Paris. Therefore, she wants to learn French. The ease and efficiency of Babbel make it an easy choice for both of them as we all learn and discover new languages together.

Honestly, you never need a reason to learn a new language, simply start! After all, the benefits are great and include happiness, more confidence, and better diversity among friends when you can speak their language.

The infographic below really highlights 5 good reasons to learn a language:

reasons to learn a language

Babbel utilizes a professional team of linguists authors and language teachers to design their language courses.  Integrated speech recognition helps improve your pronunciation so you can better understand and speak the new language.

Babbel online language learning

You can easily learn what you want, when you want with everything you need to speak, write, and understand a new language from Babbel.