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Has panic set in yet? There are mere DAYS left for holiday shopping, and if you’re like millions of other Americans, panic mode might be starting to set in. It happens. The days are short and busy and the time for shopping has just never really come. 

Or maybe, you got caught up in watching Elf and drinking hot cocoa that you didn’t take the time to finish your shopping.

Last-Minute Holiday Shopping Tips

Last-Minute Holiday Shopping Tips

Whatever the case may be, weeks have passed, Christmas is quickly approaching, perhaps shipping deadlines have passed and there is nothing you can do about it now. Or is there?

The good news is that last-minute shopping is a perfect time to find terrific deals on great gifts—and easy ways to get them fast (even same-day) without paying rush fees.

After all, unlike some retailers, shipping deadlines don’t matter at Sears.

They not only have great last-minute shopping deals available in-store; but you can use their convenient services to make holiday shopping fast and easy.

make a shopping list

Using Sears’ convenient shopping services, and a few last-minute holiday shopping tips, you can find everything you need without panic!

Get Organized

Even though you’re crunched for time, you still need to keep it together! You don’t want to go over budget and you really don’t want to leave anyone out!

Therefore, begin by making a list of who you’re shopping for and set a budget for each person. Then, stick to the budget.

Shop Online

Avoid holiday crowds and save yourself some time by shopping online. Whether from a computer or smartphone, there are numerous ways to shop that do not avoid a brick-and-mortar store visit.

The Sears Mobile App makes this process simple! With the Sears app, you can find the right products faster than walking the sore, plus you can compare features, prices and user reviews all in one spot.

Not to mention, you can make purchases, track orders, manage layaway, and access free shopping conveniences like Free Store Pickup and In-Vehicle Pickup.

Use Coupons

The holiday season is the busiest shopping time of the year and there are most likely coupons to be had.

On the Sears Mobile app, you can also find deals, get eCoupons, earn and even redeem Shop Your Way points to help you save money.

You will be surprised how much you can save—even at the last minute!

Gift Cards

If you are out of ideas and in a real rush, gift cards are still the most requested item each year. People seem to appreciate the idea of receiving, but also enjoy shopping for themselves.

Think outside the box with presentation and make your gift card the best one under the tree!

Ready to do some last-minute shopping?

Shop Sears and for your last-minute holiday gifts!