parenting teen daughters
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Do you remember your awkward teenage years? Or, maybe you felt like your teen years were some of the best you had. Personally, I tend to lean more to those being my awkward years.

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Access to Period Products

After all, I was a child of the 80’s. Big hair and you can never enough blue eye shadow was the sign of the times. It took all the confidence I could muster to dress the part each year for back to school photos. 

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As our kids head back-to-school this year, Always is continuing its long standing history of championing girls’ confidence.

Did you know that nearly 1 in 5 American girls have either left school early or missed school entirely because of a lack of access to period products? This isn’t a stat from years past, it’s based on today’s society. As the mother of four daughters, this is absolutely heartbreaking. 

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Therefore, this back-to-school season, Always wants to spark a national conversation. They want to bring attention to the American girls’ lack of access to period products, as well as the impact it has on school-aged girls’ confidence.

As women, as well as mothers, we should be able to fully understand the extent of stress that can put on a young lady. As if the throes of a period aren’t enough physical and emotional wear on our bodies, the lack of access to period products is a problem that can be helped. 

parenting teen daughters

In fact, one that we can all join in to help! From now through September 8, 2018, every purchase of an Always pad will kick off a donation to a girl in need.

Then, in order to further remove some of the stigma around the issue, Always is encouraging people to better understand the problem, and to support girls who need products this school year, through a conversation on social media.

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How can you join the conversation?

That’s easy! Join me on social media and help raise awareness by sharing the statistics and the Always mission to #EndPeriodPoverty! They are partnering with Feeding America and have a goal to donate 15 million pads through their school pantry programs across the country.

Most importantly – take action! Go to your store of choice and purchase Always pads, this can be for yourself, your daughters or even to donate to local community center or school. Every purchase of Always pads from now until September 8th will trigger a donation to girls in need from the brand – how amazing is that!