LG InstaView refrigerator

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How many times do you think your kids open the refrigerator each day to look inside? How about you? Your spouse? There’s no mistaking the fact that cold air escapes each time the door is opened. And, most of the time, the door is opened to look inside to see if there’s anything to eat or drink. Right? What if you could look THROUGH the door?

LG InstaView refrigerator

LG InstaView

That is exactly what LG’s InstaView™ Door-in-Door® refrigerators at Best Buy allow you to do. Look through the door. In fact, when you knock twice on the door, the tinted glass panel lets view and select items —without opening the door. Think of the time and energy that will be saved. Two knocks and you can see what’s in the fridge. No more fanning of the door just to see what’s inside, as if it’s changed since you looked an hour ago. The “Knock twice” feature illuminates the contents of the refrigerator allowing you to see inside without letting cold air out.

By putting the most popular items in front and more accessible (with the door-in-door feature), the LG InstaView is more energy efficient; especially when you have a large family as we do. Think about it. By getting a view inside, you save on utility bills by reducing the time spent choosing items with the door open. Knock. Take a look at the options inside. THEN open the door once you’ve made your decision.

Plus, the ColdSaver™ Panel further reduces cold air loss to extend the freshness of food. And with a variety of large capacity models from LG, you can have ample space based on your household’s needs. Not to mention, it’s easier to keep food conveniently organized and within reach at the same time. But don’t think any of it takes away from the LG InstaView’s look. It has a sleek design, tinted glass panel, and bonus? It’s fingerprint resistant.

LG InstaView refrigerator at Best Buy

Knock, Knock!

Look for the LG Instaview Refrigerator available at your local Best Buy or at BestBuy.com.