Kinect Sports

Are you ready to hop off the couch and get into the game? 

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Kinect Sports Season Two for Xbox 360 is going to get you up and moving. This one gave us a run for the money trying to keep up with the younger girls.

But, it was great family fun and the workout was a good one.

Kinect Sports 2 Box

Kinect Sports Season Two

If you have not had a chance to play a Kinect for Xbox 360 game yet you are missing out on a different gaming experience. Easy to use with controller-free play, the Kinect gets everyone off the couch and moving.  

And Kinect Sports Season Two is just the game to introduce you to the movements! It has fun, detailed graphics and an incredibly seamless game play.  As you play each new sport, you will begin to truly experience the  Kinect technology.

Not only are your movements brought fully into the game play, but you can even use voice commands within the game. For example, call out plays during football and watch your team react.

Kinect Sports

We spent an entire Saturday playing all of the games and enjoying the friendly competition. The girls enjoyed being able to beat up on their dad.

In fact, our little princess was quite the tennis pro. She had a super fast serve and powerful backhand. Playing against her was a challenge since she kept the game going at a fast pace.

Football may not have been one of her favorites, but tennis definitely was.


More Season Two Sports

  • Golf – Play through nine holes of golf with up to four players. Each one must drive, chip and putt their way to the flag. You can also choose to return to the hole of your choice and try for your personal best. It may take a few swings to get used to how to swing, but after some practice you are putting away.
  • Darts – Up to four players can step up and prove they have steady hands to clear their 501-point tally. Bragging rights awaits the first player who is able to check out and win the game. Lining up the dart before throwing commands focus and attention… but doubling out is a great feeling. 
  • Baseball – The Kinect allows you to pitch, catch and bat on the baseball field.  You can take on another team in a simultaneous two-player showdown. As one player steps up to swing the bat, the other play takes the pitcher’s mound.

    There are times when your outfielders are required to try to catch the ball… which again takes some attention… as the other player runs the bases. It took us a minute to think about how we would catch a regular baseball.

    Without a real glove on we wanted to reach out with our dominant hand, not thinking that in a real game we would have the glove on the opposite hand.

    Otherwise, we had a great game and even the girls were able to hit a home run now and again.
  • Skiing – Take to the slopes as you hurdle over jumps and shalom through the gates. Bend, twist, and jump as you aim for big air and big points while speeding to the end of the race against the others. A few times down the hill and I was pretty much a pro and ready to take to the real powder. 
Kinect Skiing

Overall, the graphics are well done and family-friendly. We were all able to enjoy the game together and playing with the little girls was easy.

While playing the girls we were able to ease up a little on the difficulty of the game, and then pick it up again against the teens or other adults.

Plus, with the new Challenge Play with Xbox Live you can send a challenge to a friend they can receive when they jump on later. So, you can actually extend your game play and get even more enjoyment out of it with friends far away.