When Kids Cut Their Own Hair

Parenting always seems to bring something new and exciting to the table. For example, Colby recently walked into our bedroom holding a baby doll and told me he noticed some red hair in the front bathroom.

When Kids Cut Their Own Hair

Kids Cut Their Own Hair

Okay. It’s pretty obvious that we all have brown hair of some sort. Light to dark. And definitely no gingers in the house.

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He then proceeded to walk into our office across from the powder room, where he found a red-haired doll .. alongside some dark brown hair.

He decided it was time to to hunt down the culprit and started with the most probable suspect: our youngest. After all, she is probably the only one left in the house that would still do such a thing.

Sure enough, the hair he found was a perfect match to hers. As if it took much sleuthing.

When he casually asked her about the doll, she didn’t deny anything. In fact, she told him that the hair on that side of the doll’s head was irritating her.

We can only assume because it was a bit disheveled.

He then proceeded to ask her about what happened with her own hair. Again, she denied nothing.

Her reasoning was simply that she “just felt like doing it.”

She then explained how she reached her hands around to the back of her head, grabbed a chunk of hair, and cut it. One snip. Laid down the scissors and the hair and went about her day.

Fortunately she has pretty thick hair with a bit of a wave, so you can’t really notice the missing chunk from the back of her head.

As for the doll? Well, she won’t be irritated by the hair on the left side of her hair again I guess.

Have your children ever cut their own hair?

This isn’t the first time one of the girls have done this. And, with our first granddaughter, and more to come, I’m sure it won’t be the last time we experience something like this.

Of course, we had a talk with her about not doing it again, but… yeah.

Oh, and the scissors? We keep them all put up (except their school scissors they keep in their backpacks). Therefore, you can imagine my surprise and amusement when I opened my Cricut crafting scissors and found hair on them.

We were lucky with this one that (1) she didn’t hurt herself somehow and (2) she cut in a pretty inconspicuous area of her head. There’s not much you can do when kids cut their own hair. It’s hair. It’ll grow back.

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