Kidbox kids style delivery service

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Each month, as a family, we gather toiletries, clothes and shoes, make some food, and head downtown to serve the homeless. We don’t join a church group or community service organization, we do it as a family. We do it to give back to others. Knowing that we too have been in a place where we needed help, we believe in paying it forward. And we teach our children to do the same.

Kidbox kids style delivery service

Kid’s Fashion Meets Social Good

There is an element of social good that teaches humility. That is often the driving force in why we continue to make sure our children are involved. With what little or lot they may have, it’s always important to remember there are still those that are in need. When I told my little fashionista, Jaci, that Kidbox, a kids’ style delivery service, donates a brand new outfit to a child in need — just for keeping all the pieces in the box you receive — she couldn’t wait to get involved!

Kidbox blue sundress

In fact, I recently sat and talked with Jaci about her dream of becoming a fashion designer. The statement she made that really struck me the most was the “Why” behind her passion. She told me that she wants to design clothes that she can make and donate to those in need. She isn’t looking to design pieces for celebrities, she wants to help the less fortunate. THAT was powerful. As her mom, I could not have been more proud of that one profound truth she shared with me.

Kidbox shirt and shorts

Honestly, it only empowered me to continue to motivate her more. Kidbox is a great way to help her continue to do good through her love for fashion. I answered a few questions about Jaci’s style on the site and within a few days we had a box of clothes arrived on our doorstep. I was pleasantly surprised to find the stylist perfectly nailed Jaci’s style. By her response, I am sure she agreed. I guess Mom does know her daughter well!

Kidbox kids romper

In fact, when Jaden took her little sister out to have a fun photo shoot, I heard her demanding that Jaci let her borrow a few pieces (especially the romper). Needless to say, Kidbox was a pretty big hit in our home. There was not one selection in the box that Jaci or I would not have picked out for her. Plus, when I told Jaci about the keep-and-give aspect of the kids’ style box, she loved it even more.

Kidbox :: Where Kid's Fashion Meets Social Good

For me? It made shopping easy. It was online and I literally just had to answer a few questions and then the box came to our front door. You cannot get that in a store for hours on end. Plus, Kidbox is a place to find cool brand names at great savings just for kids. For $98, you get 6-7 pieces delivered effortlessly to your home. I truly do not see it getting easier than that — especially when it comes to shopping for my girls!

Kidbox brand names at great savings

#UnpackHappy Monthly Giveaway

To share the joy unpacking happiness together, Kidbox is giving away a year of clothes to one winner each month, plus each month they’ll also award outfits to an additional 5 children in need.

To Enter: Take a photo or video of your unique kid unpacking happiness—opening their Kidbox, a special gift they received, or sharing a special gift with a friend—and share it on Instagram or Facebook with the hashtags #UnpackHappy, #Kidbox and @Kidbox (Instagram) or @KidboxFamily (Facebook).

Each month Kidbox will select one (1) winner to receive an entire year of Kidbox free (5 seasonal boxes of $98 each), and donate an additional 5 outfits to children in need. They’ll invite the winner to help them select which cause to send the donations to as part of their Kidbox Cares initiative. You can enter once per day each month for extra chances to win!

Through Kidbox Cares, parents share with their kids the awesome experience of getting and giving new clothes to other children. Kidbox Cares is a partnership between Kidbox and K.I.D.S./Fashion Delivers – the largest nonprofit in fashion – dedicated to collecting and distributing new clothing to children in needy families.