Keep Kids Active and Healthy
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As your children gear up for school, it may be time to find new ways to keep them active around their busy schedules. School can bring on a new routine, but Horizon® Organic reminds us that it is important to keep kids active and healthy all year round.

Keep Kids Active and Healthy

Keep Kids Active and Healthy

I believe that children learn best by example. Therefore, Colby and I realize that as the kids see us living a more healthy lifestyle, they will choose to do the same.

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After all, healthy doesn’t mean boring. And stay active is easy when you make it part of your everyday routine. A simple choice at the grocery store is a good start.

Beginning your day with Horizon Organic means you are getting an excellent dose of calcium and protein to further support optimal health.

A glass of Reduced Fat Milk with DHA Omega-3, plate of Omega-3 Eggs, and vanilla yogurt for breakfast can make any day better from the start.

Horizon Organic Milk

Once the kids get home from school, the entire family can strive together to stay active and healthy.

Try some of these fun ways to incorporate exercise into your daily routine with the kids that doesn’t take away from a busy schedule:

Keep Kids Active and Healthy

The most important thing to remember is that exercise does not have to be a chore.

Don’t be afraid to make it fun! After all, the key is to keep everyone active. In the long run, the goal is to keep your family moving and healthy.

Through the use of activities such as the ones above or others your family enjoys, in addition to healthy food options, achieving this goal can be easy.

Horizon Organic milk and snacks

The Horizon Organic Milk Boxes are the best for kids on-the-go!

Toss one in a lunchbox or grab one while walking out the door. The shelf-stable milk makes traveling with a healthy alternative simple and tasty!

Need a quick snack? Tuberz® yogurt tubes are both fun and health-smart, offering protein, calcium and probiotics.

All important for the growth and development of small bodies. Try freezing them for a fantastic, cool treat after an activity. Horizon® Snack Grahams or Cheese Sticks are other delectable snack choices.

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