AT&T #ItCanWait
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Have you ever been guilty of texting and driving? I have to admit, that when the ability to text first became available, I did it. But after noticing the difference in my driving ability, and realizing I was jeopardizing my own life, as well as others on the road, I stopped. I put my phone away or hand it to one of my children. Yet I still see people driving down the road beside me texting. I have even seen people texting with both hands and steering the car with their knee. Oh my!

100 Reasons It Can Wait

The summer months, from Memorial Day to Labor Day, are considered the 100 deadliest days for teen drivers. That is just the beginning of a list of 100 reasons It Can Wait. In fact, just the act of texting while driving alone results in 100,000+ vehicle crashes each year, often causing serious injuries and deaths. AT&T’s It Can Wait® movement is working to increase awareness and to make texting and driving as unacceptable as drinking and driving. There are far too many stories like the one Lisa Chapa tells about her sister Anna… and the #ItCanWait campaign is trying to ensure everyone knows: No text is worth dying for.

One way AT&T is trying to help is by offering its customers the DriveMode® mobile application for free. 

DriveMode is a mobile app that will turn on automatically once your car begins to move at least 25 miles per hour. Then, when someone tries to text or send you an email, they will receive an auto reply message telling them you are currently driving and will get back to them soon. Plus, when the app is turned on, all calls will automatically be sent over to voicemail. The user can however identify up to five numbers that can always be dialed. In addition, 911 calls are always allowed.

The app will also allow the user the option to select one navigation and one music app to be accessible while DriveMode is turned on. Depending on your particular device, the app will also stop incoming sounds for texts, emails and voice calls so that you are even less tempted to grab your phone. Once the vehicle is going less than 25 miles per hour for at least 5 minutes, the app will automatically shut itself off. The phone will then allow the user to view calls, messages and emails as they normally would.

Have you taken the pledge yet?

Are you no longer texting and driving?